tmi warning - leakage and lots of it!

hi girls,

I had my peak this morning on my cbfm and me and hubbie bd'd. We havent done it as much a s usual this month as were being a bit more relaxed but we did do it on Monday afternoon so not long ago.
Anyway, got up, had a shower, went to work, got there about 2 1'2 hours after bding feeling so wet. Went straight to loo and to my horror, i had a massive wet patch on my light brown trousers like i had wet myself!
There i was in a panic, drying my trousers and knickers under the dryer (thank goodness for disabled loos where noone else can see you!) I then used a towel for the rest of the morning and when i took that off, it had even more!

Anyway, i have never in a year of ttc had so much leakage. Did notice i have had way more ewcm this month. Do you think it was this, combined with more sperm than usual??? Maybe it just stayed up there for longer than usual - I did o afterwards!

Any ideas?? I am hoping its a good sign for us this month! x:\?:\?


  • sorry but it did make me smile ure thread ... sounds like a promicing bd gd luck this month hun xx
  • Me too! I wondered if hubby just had it in his mind that we were going to get pregnant this month, or whether I had lots of EWCM :P. Am chuckling even as I type this!

    Fingers crossed it's a good sign.

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  • I would say it was a mix of both but it sound like it stayed where it was meant to for a good long time so thats good. Hopefully all the swimmers where well on their way ;\)
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