AF gone AWOL!! UPDATED - think the witch is here 5 days late

Hi all,

I posted last night as was due af and up until 6pm I had no symptoms the witch was on her way and normally get it in the morning too so anyway I explained all this on the other post but basically I wiped and there was a bit of blood and it was a very pale red colour not a blood colour, to update you when i next went to the toilet to change my tampon the bleed disappeared and again this morning nothing.

Am pretty sure this happened to me on my last cycle, now because I have been having a bleed be it rather small and lasting less than 10 mins do i acount this as af or am I having irregular cycles.

I have been to the docs because I have been having chest pain and she said I have pulled a muscle she said i could be having a bleed and possibly still be pregnant now get this she told me.....................

to assume I was pregnant unless otherwise proved wrong??? wtf am sorry but I cant just go around assuming am pregnant!!!!

She said I now have to wait until my next af is due 25th Jan to see what happens or said wait a week and test but if I wait a week I would be 22DPO is this not too late for a BFP??

I know this is only month 1 and am fine now if am not pregnant but this is really upsetting not knowing whats happening with my body and second guessing every day am pregnant when it could very well all be in my head.

Thanks for reading, anyone had any similar experiences? xx

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  • Hi SD - didn't want to read and run. All sounds really confusing for you, you poor thing.

    have you just come off the pill or do you already have regular cycles? Might that explain whats happening?:\?
  • Hunny,

    for peace of mind, I would test (i'm actually going to tomorrow but that's a whole different story!) as least you'll have a much better idea of what's going on - there is no such thing as neing too late for a BFP (that I'm aware of anyway!).

    Also, I don't think you can count that as CD1 as CD1 is first day of a 'full flow' and it doesn't sound as though you've had that.

    Fingers crossed for you

  • Am just at the end of my tether have been having all these symptoms and then BFN, BFN waited for af and she didnt show and then when she did I broke my heart went to a party only to be told our friends are 9wk pregnant then i come home and am back to square 1.

    I googled and it says sometimes you can still have a bleed on the day your af is due and be pregnant.

    I dont want to get my hopes up again after getting over the disappointment if you know what I mean.

    Whats your story rainbow?

    Littleb - came off pill end of Jun had withdrawal bleed joined clearblue and started charting my periods so that tells me when am next due on, every month I have had a bleed but this month and last only lasted seconds i.e. thought it was af and not needed to change tampon cos no bleed. Think I posted something similar about af going awol last month.

    We officially started trying ie. off protection 11th November and my cycles are 35 days long.

    I just didnt know until I started trying that a bit of bleeding isnt classed as af so now I think last few months have just been spotting??

    Doctor said it would have shown up if I had been say 3 months preg by now but fancy saying assume your pregnant was shocked at that though!!!


  • Hunny there is still a chance of a BFP, hang in there!

    My story; At 5 wks pg I started spotting which was 5 weeks today, then at 6 wks pg (4 weeks today) I started to bleed properly which was confirmed as a mc. I now feel exactly like I did just before I got my BFP, excapt for the tummy pains. As I don't know when AF is due, I'm going to test tomorrow just to put my mind at rest. I know there's hardly any chance of getting a BFP{ but I just need to eliminate it.

  • Out of interest, just how pregnant did the doctor think you could be? If you had a funny cycle last time too, could you be eight weeks pregnant? Not that I want to get our hopes up, but if you are that far gone a scan would be the definitive way to diagnose a pregnancy. Go back to the docs after Chrimbo maybe?

    Again, don't want to get you hopes up, but I once worked with a lady who had been getting horrendous stomach pains. She want to the doctor thinking she had an ulcer, turned out she was 5 months pregnant and the pains were the baby kicking! She had been having regular periods all the way throughout and hadn't been trying for a baby, so it came as a total surprise!
  • Hi rainbow sorry to hear about your mc hun, hugs and hope everything is ok for you tomorrow.

    M&S - she didnt really say she said lets just go on the pretence that your pregnant until proven otherwise she said but because youve had a bleed your probably not (no *** sherlock) I felt like saying, I told her I had sore boobies and lumps on my nipples had felt off my food and felt nauseous and she said they can all be af symptoms too.

    The cycle before though we were using protection so I dont know should I wait a week and test am quite confused by it all to be honest.

    I also dont know how to delete my period confirmation on clearblue and that means as my last af was same then does that mean I havent had regular cycles.

    My doc said because have been getting a bleed to assume I was having regular cycles as normal they wont investigate until 12 months which is fine guess am here for the longhaul then image x
  • Thanks SD

    I would continue testing until (if) AF arrived. Personally I would prefer to see BFN then AF as at least I'm prepared, but that's just me image

  • Yeah I know what you mean also I feel very wet down below (tmi) and think its af but when I go toilet its not there.

    I have loads fr in and am roughly 15DPO might test tomorrow morning its just rough on me at the moment xx
  • Good Luck SD Keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • Tested again today and BFN with a FR am going to assume am out for a xmas BFP and onto MONTH 2............AF due on my sisters bday 25th January so will see whats going on then.

    I honestly think it would have shown by now on a test right? and dont want to test on xmas eve/day and then get disappointed once again.

    Thanks ladies xx
  • Sorry to hear this hun but you never know if she hasn't yet shown her face, keep up the PMA and if this isn't you month then you never know it could be a Jan babe for you xxxx
  • Sorry to hear this hun but you never know if she hasn't yet shown her face, keep up the PMA and if this isn't you month then you never know it could be a Jan babe for you xxxx
  • Hi MrsH congrats on your xmas bean hun.

    I had a tiny bit of blood when I wiped on af day around 6pm thats all I have had I am so confused doc says to class it as my period but other say could be spotting, implantation am 2 days past af due date so its very strange to me. Going to enjoy xmas now and relax and not test, I might try testing again in a week or so would it show then do you think if I am preg? x
  • With Lily I waited about two weeks to test as I just didn't believe I was pregnant (first month of trying). Enjoy Christmas and try to relax (easier said than done I know).
  • SD - shocked at what the dr said. Couldn't they at least give you a blood test? Some women produce low hcg or sometimes depends on the bean itself. I only got a very faint + with my dh at 6 wks. As you said, test in a week if no af, big hugs.
  • Hi girls confused had another bit of spotting again this morning thought it was af and couldnt face the bitch so left it (minging I know) but just couldnt face seeing it till later on!! didnt want it to ruin my xmas prep!

    Anyway tonight I went to toilet expecting to be faced with full af as feel like am leaking down below - no af and wiped BROWN CM!!!

    Tested BFN!!!

    Thanks Mother1 - Doc said they cant do anything I have to wait until have missed a period and they said they dont sent tests off to the hospital anymore either as often they can be confusing in early pregnancy.

    I just want my AF or BFP for xmas pretty please.

    Merry Xmas everyone.

    Oh by the way am 17DPO now is this too late for an implantation bleed and would af come and go every 3rd day or is this spotting I am experiencing??

  • Updated - I think I got AF today in full flow at 19DPO CD40!!

    At least I know whats going on now, bit confused as to why I was getting brown CM tho when I wiped and now red blood? Can anyone shed any light on this?


  • Hey SD,

    I never used to get it but then one month out of no where i just started getting brown cm - i would get it for 2 - 3 days then full af. This happened for quite a few cycles.

    Then it stopped and i don't think i've had it for the last 3 (approx) cycles.

    my cycles were lasting around 50 - 60 days, then it went 42, 55, 31, 36, 56, 40 (this was apr 09 - then i stopped charting - there was clearly no pattern and my body does what it likes LOL ) but still couldn't help keeping track in my head - and my cycles were around 42 - 44 days long. My last 2 have been 42 i think and i'm currently on cd29 at 5dpo.

    I am sorry ur body is stressin you out - i just wanted u to know ur not alone!

  • Hi hun, glad to hear you finally know now what's going on, there's nothing worse than being stuck in limbo! Can't really help you with why you were getting the brown cm though hun, maybe wiat until next month and see was it just a once off thing, though hopefully this is the last AF you get for 9 monthsimage xx
  • Hey SD - AF has also visited me today!
    How strange that you and I have had exactly the same cycles. I had brown CM right up til last night. Then when I woke up this morning there she was. And she is making up for lost time - i am in soo much pain!!!!
    At least I know now and can get on with it.
    Here's to a lucky January (3rd time lucky hopefully for us.)
    Gonna use OPKs this time and have got the rude veg piccy lol.
    Good luck
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