1 year on BE 2mro

Feeling sad :\( as by this point i thought i would be in preg at lest maby even baby :cry:
Its now my 17 month TTC and my AF has decided to mess up afetr all this time :roll:

I just want AF now so i can get on TTC My last af was 6 weeks ago on thursday and my cycle doesnt usually pass 27/28 days and today i am on CD 40 image IM 12 DAYS LATE grrrrrrrr :roll: I know i OV'd late but it still makes me 22dpo and totally fed up now

hating myself for messing it all up and the longer this goes on the less ttc time i have left :cry:

gems x


  • HI gems i know how you feel. my cycles used to drive me mad my lasy month i was ttc i didnt worry as the dr said they were going to send me to a consultant but because that made me finally relax as someone was helping us we got our BFP.
    I do beleive now stress does not help.
    Try and relax. Easier said than done i know.
    Sending you lots of baby dust x x x
  • hun, just wanted to send big hugs. our bodies really like to play games with us.xxxxxxxxx
  • Ah hun, i wish i had some words of wisdom for you as you have given me lots of good advice whilst ive been here. I can only send you lots of ((((hugs)))) and positive vibes for you. you will get your bfp hun! keep reminding yourself and you will fool your body into thinking you're not stressed and your af will come xxx
  • I have been so chilled out this month untill AF didnt come then i have started to get p'd off image

    I have really really been trying to stay calm and not stress as i really want a bfp but i am starting to wish for flipping AF :lol:

    I have 8 month left to ttc and cant bear the thought of never having another child xxxx
  • Oh hunny, you will get your much longed for 2nd baby. I'm also on month 17 and can't tell you how often I just want to scream and scream until I pass out from frustration of it all!

    You keep your chin up babe because IT WILL HAPPEN!! I'im sending you lots and lots of PMA with a big bucket of babydust image xx
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