Sometimes your BFP instict CAN be right!!

Hello all,

I don't post on here much but just wanted to let you know I got my BFP yesterday ( AF was due on the 13th so was determined to wait until I was a few days last after I had a chemical pregnancy back in July) and am so so happy!! I was convinced we had done it this month as just felt generally tired and rubbish straight after OV, had terribly sore boobs, and have been feeling sick for a week as well as having loads of CM. I also had 'the dream' where I take a test and its positive - which is exactly what happened when I fell pregnant with my son Stanley too before I tested! Wierd. I also had an awful hangover both times (you know one where you can't move for feeling sick and a banging head) for having had two small glasses of wine at new year which was very odd!

So baby will be due 21st Sept 2010, a month after Stanley turns 2. This ws out first month of TTC again follwong my chemical pregnancy - so am very shocked it happened so fast! We're going to try holding out to the 12 week scan to tell anyone this time round, but its going to be hard as me and hubby are bursting with excitment!

Good luck to everyone else..and I know SS can be terribly addictive, but in my case I thought i just 'knew' and was right - so you could be to! Baby dust to


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