happy happy happy

So excited getting my implant out tomorow morning and can start TTC cant wait.... practicing is fun but even better trying for a baby just needed to tell somone cos were not telling our mates for a while our secret...yey xx :lol:


  • Oooh, how exciting! Hope the implant comes out ok (never had one so no idea what it involves!) and enjoy TTC! Hope you aren't here very long (if you know what i mean) image
  • nice one! i had mine out in april 2008, it was fairly easy to get out, but then i had two in (not at once lol) good luck!!! x x x
  • Im not sure how they get it out if its like wen it went in they numb my arm and cut it out. ( not looking forward to that bit) It took me seven months to get pregnant last time so here goes fingers crossed, and thanks x
  • ouch sounds painful! but worth it im sure! how did it go? by the time you get this u should be officially TTC!

    *sprinkle sprinkle*
  • hi its out ladies so excited now officially TTC feels so good, apart from my arm is very sore now and bruises really bad couldn get it out it was coming out sideways but all good though now here goes TTC xx
  • I had mine out last month, such a quick procedure! Only think I didnt realise was that my arm would be bandaged up, so i had to cover it up so no one asked me about it as no one knows were ttc xxx
  • ewwww sounds ouchy!

    *sprinkle sprinkle*
  • same here its bandaged up and were not telling any one were TTC either so for next few days long sleeved tops all the way haha x
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