just wanted to say....

just wantedto say hi all, hows everyone doing? i am on CD7 and feeling strangley positive about this month!!how is everyone else feeling?? thinking of you all and sending you lots of babydust!!! xxx


  • hi sally, i'm on cd6 and tbh i'm trying to keep myself feeling indifferent, i had way too much pma last month, and lots of signs, only to have been fooled by my body lol, so this month i'm trying not to feel positive or negative and will be forcing myself to ignore anything that points either direction lol, altho i know myself too well, and a few days after ov i know i'll start wondering and getting excited just in case, its impossible not to lol. x
  • i no exactley what you mean, sometimes i tell myself i am going to try and forget about it all together in the 2WW but it just never happens!!! my AF will be due around the 28th so will be testing 30th if shes not arrived, what about you??
  • i have no idea when my AF is due, my cycles are all over the place, and its driving me nuts...32,31,33,45,35...so don't really know when to expect it at all, which isn't helping cos my '2ww' can last forever lol.will probably test around the 2nd of april so that will be cd 31, as last two cycles have only ended the day after i tested, so wonder if i'm keeping af at bay, if that makes sense? so figure if i test at 31 days, she might show at 31 days and then we can get cracking again rather than keep putting it off then just hours after bfn af showing up. xx
  • wen does your CD start silly question maybe but first month of trying after havinh implat out last week, got my first AF yesterday. x
  • I think i may have found my cycle buddies!
    Im on CD 06 image
    Fingers crossed for us all sally and WoW.

  • just looked it up im on CD 2 yey xx
  • haha mrspink^playboy, nice to meet u.not entirely sure when i'll ov tho as cycles being so random so i just have to keep a keen eye out for ewcm, why does it all have to be sooo complicated?

    bella, yep ur cd2, cd1 is the first day of AF. xx

  • I have no idea when im going to OV either, Youve probably seen that my last cycle was 80 days!
    Im having my ultrasound tomorrow to check my ovaries, to see if I have PCOS.
    My last AF was 11/12/2009 and that cycle was 34 days, I assumed they were settling but obviously not, 80 days is abit extreme. :\(

  • hi sally881! yay we are cycle buddies! im CD8 today! wohoo! im feeling pretty good about this month too!

    *sprinkles for everybody*
  • omg mpp, 80 days??? i think i wld've actually gone crazy. i know i thought my cycles were fairly regular as the first 3 were fine, but then it just went all wobbly from then. befor ei had ds i was on a 28 day cycle, regular as clockwork and now there everywhere lol.

    hi *me*, i might have to steal some of ur pma lol.

    fingers crossed for everyone this month x
  • I am on CD2 and feeling positive after last month though it was a hard month! good luck everyone!!
  • Can I join the 'cycle buddies' please, CD8 for me!
  • Can I join the 'cycle buddies' please, CD8 for me!
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