Advice Please

Hi everyone
This is my first month of ttc and I was wondering if somebody can give me some advice on ovulation.
What I would like to know is which ovulating sticks should I buy and when should I start testing? I'm on CD4 of 34/35 days. I'm a bit confused lol!!
Thanks x


  • I havent used them so cant give any advice on when, but just did a quick ebay search for myself and there are loads on there - you can get 60 non-branded ones for ??10! Dont know whether they will be effective - anyone tried them?

    There are also cheap pregnancy tests on there too. Im thinking that if I have to give in to my POAS cravings, then I might have to order a few batches :lol:
  • im on my first month TTC too but aren't using ov sticks but just wanted to welcome you and wish you good luck! xxx

    ps-ive noticed boots do a pack of 20 sticks as 1 months supply, im guessing you start testing once AF has gone until you get your pos for ov and just after...? but best to wait for someone who uses them to say...!
  • Thanks truly_scrumptious - I'm like you; I'll end up buying loads lol!!

    Shopaholic - thanks; good luck to you too.
    Great thanks for that, I'll have a look x
  • I got some from eBay and I unfornately lost patience due to my AF being loooong cycles and stopped using them. I am not sure whether they work or not. I still have some so i have popped my details (last AF) into my monthly to give me a rough idea as to when I may be ovulating and will try using them then. Now I only finished my pill on 29/4 so I am not expecting my cycles to remain at 28 days but it gives me a starting point xx

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