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Grrr - cystitis, can u offer advice?

I tend to suffer every now and again with cystitis which becomes very uncomfortable! and I think its returned again!!! Im trying to drink loads to flush it out of my system. Im ov'ing at the mo so could do without this. Any tips from anyone to get rid of this fast? xx


  • All I know is - avoid alcohol! Drink LOADS of cranberry juice and lots of water! I know sex irrates it!!!!!
    I think they do cranberry capsules if you don't like cranberry juice - I drink cranberry LIGHT as it's not so sharp!
    Hope this helps!
  • I have had cystitis loads and was given the following tips;
    *wipe from front to back
    *drink lots of water
    *drink pure cranberry juice [ocean spray is good]
    *wee straight after sex, dont snuggle first...pee first!

    it's been great advice for me, hope it helps

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