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OPKs vs. just BD-ing every other day

Hi everyone

Auntie paid her monthly visit this morning so it's CD1 of month 4 TTC for me. I was feeling a bit low earlier but have cheered up now and am thinking about how I want to play things in future months.

The first month we just BD'd when we liked. Then I used OPKs and last month also followed SMEP. I am currently weighing whether to carry on trying to 'time' things, or just BD when we want (normally every other day).

If we normally BD every other day anyway, does using OPKs and increasing BD to every day for a couple of days once I get a positive actually help in the slightest? Or could it even be a hinderance somehow (e.g. if over-thinking it causes stress, or encourages to you BD *too* much (there seem to be mixed views on the effect of this on sperm).

Can anyone offer any opinions which may help me weigh up what to do? Is TTC one of those things that actually happens quickest when it is left to nature, or do OPKs genuinely increase chances over just BD-ing regularly?

I quite like OPKs in that I find it interesting knowing what my body is doing, but also don't want to waste my money if they are really just a gimick that don't increase my chances. And I certainly don't actually want to hinder my chances by over-thinking things!

Thanks for any advice and sorry for the long post.

T xxx


  • Ditto to littlewolf, there's no way I could keep going like that all month - *but* the month we conceived our ds we bd 11 days in a row and were sick of each other by the end of it!!!

    This time I'm trying to go for 3 days before ovulation and 2 after so I couldn't be without my opk's!

    I think the relaxed method definitely works for some and if you can keep up to every other day you're more than likely to have it covered anyway image

    Good luck x
  • Thanks ladies!

    We seem to naturally settle into a pattern of every other day, so keeping it up (no pun intended!) all month shouldn't be a problem... However, we can *never* manage every night for more that 3 nights in a row. So if every night is the way to go, it will have to be a case of OPKs to make sure we know when to step up the pace!

    I think what I am worried about is that OPKs are getting in the way of me getting pg by making me to want to BD too much when OH wouldn't necessarily have really wanted to (maybe his body telling him something about his swimmers?)

    It's interesting that you both conceived by really going for it with the BD-ing though and doing it every day.

    I will chat to hubby and have a think. Maybe we'll try one month of really going for it and if that doesn't work then just chill out and let nature take its course in future.

    I hate over thinking things like this but after a few months of no success it's hard not to start analysing and trying to figure out what you could do differently. xx
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