A question for those who just got their BFP

Hi Ladies - I just wanted to ask you if before you got your BFP did you get loads of cm before hand?

Its seems these last few days, I am constantly wet down there -(Sorry TMI!!) Is this right?

I have no other symtoms, and I hate symptom spotting, but have had an awful cold and my body has been aching since Tues.

I am sooooo wanting to test, but know its still too early. I ovulated on 9 Dec and AF is due on Monday 21 Dec.

It just seems sooo wrong to have all this wetness!! (Sorry tmi again!!)


  • I just got mine this morning!
    Actually, i've been getting loads of CM in the run up to AF over the last few cycles and i found it strange that i didn't have as much this month.
    Sorry, that's not what you want to hear.
    I've heard that it is an early pregnancy sign though - i'm probably just weird!
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