Plans for the weekend?

Hey girls just wondering what everyone is up to at the weekend? Will anyone be watching the footie?Or are you fed up of it already!!lol I cant wait ,we will be having a bbq ( depending ao weather of course) and watching England!! come on lads!!He he. Also i will be ov so wish me luck and i will b watching how much my oh will b drinking. How mean im i. image x


  • Hi hun, well wont be watching the footie but will be going to a bbq tomorrow pm and then in the evening got a wedding reception. Sunday will prob go to the cinema as havent been for a while. Not sure what to watch although we can spend all day there as hubby and i have cineworld tickets.

    Well good luck for this weekend and def keep an eye on oh, you dont want him getting brewers droop now do you! ha ha xx
  • lol, u could have a world cup bubba! hahaha. we are also bbq'ing, round my dads, and watching the footie, not that hubby is really a footie man but we are going anyways, think i may invest in some girlie mags to keep me entertained, i get so bored of footie lol. hope everyone has a good w/e oooo and im also buying a new sofa which im super excited about! woooopie! xxxxx
  • You never guess what im doing....having a world cup bbq! Seems like the popular thing todo. Lets hope the weather is good. More keen on the food than the footie mind.
    Sunday have a relaxing day with Dh and DD then in the eve seeing some of the guys from work as havent seen them for ages as im currently on maternity leave.

    Have a good weekend guys xxx
  • No footie here, both hubby & I hate it so it's banned in our house! Lol. Dunno what we'll do, both skintasaurus so probably just chill at home with dd.
  • O dear seems im the only one who likes the footie!!lol. Hope you all have a fab weekend anyhoo and the weather is meant to be nice!!yay. image x
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