does anyone else worry. . Or am i bein silly . .

hello girls, just wondered if anyone else at the back of their minds worries about bein able to afford a baby? Im ttc for my 2nd baby, came off the pill in march and cant wait to get preg, my little boy is 3 years old and i feel its the right time for us to have another, we have a 3bed house so room is fine, i have a part time job and my dh has a good full time job, however we do struggle a bit every month, all bills are paid its mainly just spend money, i so want another baby but keep thinkin . . . Can we afford one can we afford one? But i suppose you do live to your means dont you? Anyone else have worries like me? X x x


  • i no exactly how you feel! were ttc baby no1 were ok atm but i think its gonna be a huge shock to the bank balance when it happens!

    it makes me sick how non working families get thousands of pounds a year and if you have decent job you get zilch!!

    i was speaking to my friend about this the other day and shes gets ??475 a month housing benefit and her rent is only ??425! its a disgrace!
  • i know! Thats what i keep gettin confused about all the people with a few kids can manage without a wage so why should i be worryin about having baby number 2 when me and hubby both work?? I know what you mean it is a shock to the bank balance but like my mum always says to me you spend to your means, we have all of our little boys old baby things so we wont need to pay out for new things, i suppose its a general worry that mums and mums to be would have, lol! X x x good luck for you ttc!
  • i no, i cant stand it! i think some people have that many kids to get all the benefits so they dont have to work!

    your right though, and if everyone thought about this before ttc no1 would be having babies.

    yeah im quite lucky with gettin old clothes too, my two sisters both have a boy and girl and have saved me all there old things ( ther like new too)

    thanks hun good luck to you too image

  • I think worrying about it is normal!

    I have two kiddies from my first marriage, they are both in full time school now and hubby and I want to add to the family but we do worry about it (he'd ideally like me to stay home to look after any baby we may have) and we both have good jobs.

    My sister on the other hand doesn't think about things like this, she works while her waste of space boyfriend stays home playing on the xbox and my mum looks after the kids, she's just announced she's pregnant again and doesn't seem concerned about money because she gets handouts from the government to subsidise her lazy boyf not working.

    Rant over image
  • It really annoys me how some men can do that? my sisters hubby was exactly the same up until a couple of months ago!

    if you dont want to work and pay for your children dont have them!

    gosh i am in a ranting mood today lol
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