POAS help :lol:

I have done a OPK today as i had lots of what i really think is ewcm and i have no 2nd line not even a little line should i worry.
I used opk's last month and even after i OV i still had a faint line till AF came :\? i dont even have a evap line :lol:

Should i be stressing out??? :\? ???

Thank you layds xx gems xx


Month 15 ttc ;\)


  • I used to get ewcm a few days before the 'line'. i always thought it was because it helps the sperm live for like 5 days, so when u do get an eggy, the sperm is there waiting.

    grace 5 + 4 x
  • I agree with Gracie - I think you get a build up of ewcm over a couple of days before you ov - nature's way of safeguarding any little swimmers in your body already.
  • I have had this to swet i have had EWCM the past 2 days nothing now but no pos OV stick :\? :\?

    I have no normal pain or anythig am confussed CD17 today for me!!
  • LOL :lol: MJ what are our bodys doing this month :lol:
    I have had no major pains had a few pains but nothing like last month image I ran out and got some opk :lol: so naughty but i couldnt stop stressing out and i was ment to be chilling out image So now i found something elce to stress about :lol:
    Maby you will ov 2MRO image ill keep my fingers and toes crossed for you hun xxxxxx

    Gems xxx
  • Thanks gembags yeah maybe tomo i dont no :\? :lol: :lol:

    I have not got any OV sticks left so no idea and i am stuck in all day today waiting for a delivery of xmas presents!!!! image image image

    I have got lots of PMA but i also think i no i have not done it this month so looing forward to friends wedding sat and putting xmas tree up in a couple of weeks with my DS :lol: :lol: :lol:
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