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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • Hi Ladies

    I'm new and I hope you don't mind me joining you!? I came off pill after 10 years with only one break at the end of Sept09 and I'm still waiting for my first AF. I'm not really counting days but it's well over 100! I was a bit of a late starter and they were never that regular. The only time I had a break (7 years ago) for 18 months I only had 3 in that time! I'm kicking myself for not doing anything then but I wasn't really thinking about fertility.

    Already been to docs for blood tests and waiting for US. From the blood test she said that all my hormones were normal and showed I hadn't had a premature menopause (phew I was really worried about that) and didn't look like PCOS but will see when I get US.

    Like HappyMrsS said I've got no clue if or when I've ovulated. Just having UPSI whenever :lol:

    Really trying not to worry but it's difficult not to analyse every single little feeling. It's a bit of comfort to know I'm not the only one and other people get through it!!

    Good luck everyone xx
  • HI girls,

    Hope you dont mind me gatecrashing into my old thread!!

    I started this thread off after I was getting increasingly frustrated that my af hadnt come back since coming off the pill in Aug so I know exactly how you feel. I went and had blood tests which came back like yours, StarryNu, and doctor had requested a scan to check for PCOS.

    I was so annoyed with myself for not coming off pill sooner or for never giving myself a break off it to get rid of some of the hormones out of my system. Anyway...just wanted to give you a bit of hope as I tried something called Agnus Castus after about 75 days without af...and i really think it worked as, to my (still!) absolute astonishment I'm pregnant!!

    My doctor had a stern word with me about 'chilling out' a bit as I was charting temps, poas twice a day, regimenting our bd times (!) and she said that the stress of all my effort could be stopping my af from coming back. I know it's hard to not stress about it but I literally threw all my ov sticks in the bin, stopped taking my temp and just tried to forget about it (I was moving house too so that was a good distraction) Anyway...on 2nd Dec I got my BFP!

    My best advice would be to keep on at the doctor. Mine was great and didnt mind me going to see her about anything ttc related. I hope you dont feel like I'm intruding by coming back on here..but I started this because I felt exactly like you and I really just wanted to say that it will happen for you! Sometimes it just takes that little bit longer.

    HappyMrsS - I think it's really positive that your first proper af came within 42 days. I know it's frustrating but the pill messes your cycles up so much, I've read of girls on here who did have longer between each cycle for about 3 cycles before it started getting back to normal and the time between getting shorter. Hold in there (and take a pg test just in case! I had no symptoms and only did a test because my appointment came through for my scan and i wanted to double check that I wasnt pregnant! Little did i know...!)

    Good luck girls. Sending lots of baby dust. Sally. xxx

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  • Thanks Sally - it's great to hear a happy ending among all this doom and gloom!! Congratulations! I've done quite a few pregnancy tests in the last three months!! I always know deep down that it's not going to be a BFP but I do them every so often just to make sure!! Luckily I got a pack of cheap ones on the internet when I was buying ov tests. I've just got to wait for my blood results on Thursday and then go for my scan and then I'll know I've done all I can at the moment. It's so hard not to get obsessed by it but I know it's probably not helping!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy Sally. xx
  • Hi HappyMrsS,
    I had first AF after 8 weeks, am now on CD44 with no sign of anything so I know exactly how you feel! I was so optimistic when the first AF finally came, thinking I would go straight back to regular cycles - wrong!!
    I just really really wish I had come off the pill sooner, but then I hadn't actually planned to ttc so soon. I haven't gone down the road of opks or charting or anything as I am trying to be quite relaxed about it, but like you I just wish i knew when to BD and when I was in my 2ww!! Ah well, I am sure it will happen for us soon (here's hoping!)

    Sally, it is so lovely to hear such a positive story on our random / missing AF post, you always give me a bit of hope when I am feeling down about things!! I hope you have a really happy and healthy pregnancy xx
  • Hi girlies,

    Hope you're all well.

    Sally I cannot believe it's your scan on Tuesday - that's so exciting! Please let us know how you get on.

    Have you started to tell people yet or are you waiting til 12 weeks?

    E x
  • Hi Magpie - at least we're in the same boat, surely that's got to be a positive thing?! I'm not on CD86!!! I've given up all hope of AF ever arriving!! Seems like so long to wait to get my blood test results, even though it's only three more days!! xx
  • Hi Sally, thanks for your reply and congratulations!! You must be over the moon after feeling so worried. Perfect timing with your new house too!

    Your post made me feel a lot better. Can I ask did you ever have AF between coming off the pill and getting pg? And did you ever see any signs of ovulating before? When I went to the doctor she said the exact same thing to me that I needed to chill out and do somethings that I enjoy. When I first came off the pill we decided we wouldn't start ttc for a while so that I could get it out of my system a bit. That didn't last long anyway and then when we decided to go for it I was really strict about what I ate and drank, then after a couple of months with no AF realised I would go mad if I focused on it that much so tried to chill out about it a bit.

    Because I thought I'd wait for the first AF to start with before TTC means I never started using OPKs or temperatures, and now I wouldn't know when to start! Was thinking about using AC but I mentioned it to the doctor but she didn't seem know about it. Might try and hold out until after my US which will hopefully be this month and then try it.

    Thanks again, have a lovely 9 months x
  • Hi there, I'm still waiting for mine too, had withdrawel from 9 dec to 16 and done 3 tests just to make sure that I'm not pg and drinking or anything else slightly risky.

    Is it worth trying AC, what does this actually do?

    Thank you xxx
  • Sally - can't believe you're having your twelve week scan already - how time flies. Hopefully we'll be joining you soon!! It's lovely to get your updates and you'll definitely have to somehow attach a scan pic to a post for us!
    Hello Happy and StarryNu - welcome to our little group! It's really frustrating AF being so unpredictable but it really does help to know we're not alone!!
    Magpie - how are things with you now - haven't seen you about for a while?
    Ruby - loving the Wizard of Oz ruby slippers!
    Baby and AF dust to all xxx
  • Hello again everyone,
    I think the last time I posted I hadn't had AF since June after I came off the pill in February last year. Just in case my situation helps anyone I thought I'd post an update here.
    I finally went to a hospital doctors over Xmas and was given Norisethene to give me a false periods and get bloods done. I went for a hycosy yesterday which has indicated polycystic ovaries as have some of my blood tests. On a postiive note my uterus, tubes and lining seem fine. I'm at a bit of a loss now as I have to wait (AFless too haha) until I go to the hospital again in April image.
    I've noticed there are some new ladies here without AFs and just wanted to say keep on at those GPs even if it means getting a second opinion like I did xx
  • Hi Hope09, at least you know you're getting somewhere now, that must make you feel better. I'm hopfeully getting my blood test results tomorrow and I'm going to chase up my hospital appointment for a scan. It's horrible feeling so helpless! Does Norisethene help to bring on your cycle so that you should get another period, or does it just cause a one off period?
    Good luck with everything hun and keep us posted! xx
  • Hello MrsRobson,

    I am good thank-you (apart from being on CD47 and still no AF for the second time round!!)

    Trying not to think about it all and am concentrating on work and my MSc course!! Although obviously not completely working as I know what cycle day I am on!!

    How are you doing? Any progress? :\) xxx
  • I think this thread gave me my AF!! I was holding off joining it until 50 days, and a week before that, she arrived! I don't mean to be smug, that's not my intention at all, cos I was worried, especially after being told by a nurse that I could have trouble conceiving ('twas when I was 17, so I am hoping she was wrong, wrong, WRONG!!), but AF came, so I didn't join. I really hope that all you lovelies get AF (or even better, your BFP!!!!) soon. Baby dust to all x x
  • I think this thread gave me my AF!! I was holding off joining it until 50 days, and a week before that, she arrived! I don't mean to be smug, that's not my intention at all, cos I was worried, especially after being told by a nurse that I could have trouble conceiving ('twas when I was 17, so I am hoping she was wrong, wrong, WRONG!!), but AF came, so I didn't join. I really hope that all you lovelies get AF (or even better, your BFP!!!!) soon. Baby dust to all x x
  • Toria - hope it's an implantation bleed - got everything crossed for you!!! I thjink I read that that happens around 6 (?) days after ovulation so still a while before it would show up. Oh I hope it is!!!!

    Magpie - hope it's not too much longer!

    Hope - you're absolutely right about the doctors - I'm not overly impressed with mine but kept going back and seeing a different one each time until I got investigated and at least now I know a bit more of what I'm up against!

    Ruthiespoon - glad you got a good result from our little thread - hope the next one comes quicker!

    As for me - have been a bit obsessed again since finding out I've got polycycstic ovaries and getting AF has made lots of things start going around in my head again but I've had my acupuncture tonight so I'm feeling good! It definitely does something and it's nice to be taken seriously by someone for an hour as well. Heheh!

    Baby dust and clockwork cycles to you all xxx
  • Hi everyone,

    Hope you dont mind me posting this on here...but just thought you may like to see my little pudding image Ultrasound put me at exactly 12 weeks so due 27th July 09 (rubbish for teacher's maternity! hee hee) But cant wait to have a little summer baby.

    I worked myself up like you wouldnt imagine before my ultrasound. Was crying, kept being sick...and nothing to do with morning sickness! I was just so nervous and worried that they'd say there was nothing in there that I literally made myself ill. Luckily had my mum there to calm me down and as soon as I saw the heart beat I felt SO much better. Cried my eyes out!'s baby!

    In answer to the question about did I have af between coming off pill and getting preg - No!! And I had absolutely no idea when i ovulated too. I used to keep a diary of an cm/pains/spots/positive ov sticks I had thinking that would show ovulation but when I look back at dates now I know how far gone I am...I've got nothing in my diary around ovulation time! Bloody typical. ha ha. So it is possible to get pregnant straight off the pill and also you sometimes just dont know when you're ovulating no matter how many symptoms you look for! I realise that now.

    Love to you all. I've got lots of hope that one day soon we'll all be mummys to our own little bundles of joy.

    Sally xxxxxxxx
  • Happy Mrs S- I think the Norisethene just gives a false bleed. From what I can remember I had it years ago when I was younger and not on the pill to delay my period while I was on holiday. Yeah you're right I've got some kind of idea why AF is awol now but to be honest the whole PCO thing is a bit of a minefield at present because there are so many different variations.

    MrsRobson- Not sure whether you might already be aware of this but a friend has recommended the fertility friends website and verity- both have lots of info about PCOS and seem busier than the PCOS thread on here xx

  • Aaaaaaaah Sally how lovely!!

    I can't believe that's your little bean image

    If you read my B F ...... Limbo post I hope I might be joining you (although I can't believe it just yet!)

    Baby dust to all

    E x
  • RS - I just posted on your other thread. OMG!!! Too excited for you!!!xxx
  • Sally- Lovely to see your scan and glad to see baby sunflower is looking good and happy image

    I don't blame you for worrying a few of my friends are pregnant at the moment and I had been under the impression that once the BFP came along the next 9 months just involved swanning around in a carefree fashion with a lovely designer bump but they've taught me that it's a pretty worrying time. Try to relax and enjoy everything as it comes- hopefully your scan will have given you some piece of mind and will have given us some positivity and good omen image xx
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