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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • Hi HappyMrsS

    Just a quick one to say that I made use of my half snow day today and called the hospital to chase up a scan date. I went to the doctors 8 weeks ago and called the hospital before christmas having not heard anything and they said it would be 8-10 (from going to the docs) weeks which has gone so slowly even with Christmas in the middle. When I called them today they said I should be getting a letter next week asking me to call and make an appointment, but she booked me a date in there and then because they had a few spaces. So with my very limited experience I'd say it's worth pestering!! Good luck with your blood results xx
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! I like that name - baby sunflower - soooooo cute!!! It's amazing after startign this thread there he or she is! So excited for you Sally!
    And now I'm full of excitement to for Ruby - I've got everything soooooo crossed for you! Make sure you let us know as soon as you know!
    Hope - thanks for the advice - I may have a look on those as the PCOS forum here is quite slow moving!
    Baby dust to us all xxx
  • Um I don't know what's happening, I didn't see about 5 of those posts until after I'd posted. Lovely to see your pic Sally!!! It must seem more real now?

    MrsRobson hope the accupuncture does the trick

    Baby and AF dust x
  • Sally, so lovely to see your scan pic!! And Ruby, am so excited for you!!!!

    Sorry to put a downer on things but I need to get some things off my chest if that's ok! I'm sitting here in tears and hubby doesn't come home for hours so I can't talk to anyone except you girlies. This morning I got a letter in the post saying that I needed to make another appointment for more blood tests which they said "may be a repeat of a previous test if it was not conclusive, or to pursue a new investigative route." So that was enough to annoy me because I knew it meant waiting for another appointment, having more bloods done and then waiting another week for results. So I phoned the doctors and the receptionist tried to book me in for next Tuesday but then I managed to convince her that I HAD TO have them done this week! She eventually said I could go in this afternoon. So I've just got back from having new bloods done. The thing that winds me up the most is that they never tell you anything!!!! The nurse was practically about to stick a needle in me and I said can I ask what these tests are for because I have no idea! She didn't seem surprised that I didn't know and said 'Calcium, liver and blood sugar levels'. Then she saw my arm and asked why it was bruised and I said it's because I had blood tests last week and was told I had to come in for more. She said that'll be because one or more of them were abnormal or inconclusive but she didn't know any more. I'm sure that last time I wasn't tested for any of those three things and it's just made me even more worried. I feel silly for getting so upset but I'm just so worried and it's really getting to me. I understand that the nurses and receptionists don't have any information but I think the doctor should write the letter and explain what's happened or speak to you before the second tests so that you know what's going on. So now I have to wait another week for these test results and I still don't have a clue what was wrong with the first ones.
    If it wasn't stress that was keeping AF away then it definitely will be now!!!
    Ok rant over, I feel a bit better already!
    StarryNu, that's good news that you've got your scan booked, I can't believe how long it takes for them to contact you just to make the appointment! I asked the receptionist about going for my scan and she had a look on the system to see whether my doc had sent a referral letter and she hasn't! The receptionist said she may be waiting for the blood test results before referring me. Yet more waiting to do!!! Good luck with your scan, I hope it goes ok, when do you have it?
  • Ruby Shoes, fantastic news about your BFP!!! All the best for you 9 months. It's so good to hear success stories from people who were waiting for ages for AF.

    HappyMrsS - Aww, I really feel for you. Waiting is awful, I didn't realise before coming off the pill quite how anxious it makes you feel which can't help. It may be that your doctors have messed up with the test or something (they do sound like they might be a bit unorganised). I had the same thing with a sample for a bladder infection a while ago and the second one came back fine but it makes you worry for a few days. Maybe next time you see your doctor make it clear how much it's stressing you out? Might speed things up. Big hugs, hope your hubby's back to look after you. Scan on weds - scared!
  • Thanks StarryNu. I feel a bit silly for getting so upset now, but it just really got to me! The thing with the blood tests is that last time I definitely had tests for different hormones and I didn't have those this time so I'm assuming that either the other tests were ok so they thought they'd check for other things to make sure everything's ok, or the other tests weren't ok which has led them to need more information on other things. But either way, I just need to be patient and wait until next week for the results - easier said than done. My arms going to be in a right state by the end of all this...people are going to wonder what I've been up to!!!
    At least you don't have to wait too long for the scan, I thought maybe it would be weeks before they could do it which would have been horrible. I'm sure it will all be fine - let me know how you get on.
    I'm really wishing now that I'd come off the pill months, if not years, a go - but hey, as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing! xx
  • Sorry me again!!! But I actually can't believe it!! I've just done an ovulation test like I do every day (I told myself not to do one tonight because I thought it would just make me feel worse and was going to stop until I had my blood results but I couldn't resist) and the line is exactly the same as the test line!!! I've never ever had that before!!! Yesterday there was practaically no line at all!!! Could be a complete mistake or something but it's cheered me up anyway...and hubby has a great big grin on his face because he knows he's in for some bding tonight!! Apart from anything else, if I have ovulated then surely this means that AF should come in a couple of weeks time.
    Oh well, who knows, just had to post about my first ever positive ov's amazing what makes you happy when you're ttc!! xx
  • Quick....go and BD MrsS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to Ruby Shoes image

    And thank you to everyone for your kind comments about my pic. It really means a lot....and loving the name Baby Sunflower, Hope! Think that name's gonna stick image xxx
  • Sorry Happy that you've had a tough time with the doctors - so many just disappoint but fingers crossed that this positive is a little bean in the making! xx
  • Thanks MrsRobson! I'm not holiding much hope that we'll do it this month, especially as we will have only BD on ov day and not before...but if AF turns up in 2 weeks time I'll be happy and fingers crossed this is a sign that my body's sorting itself out. Still feeling worried about the test results, but going to keep myself busy until next week and deal with it then.
    Hope you all have lovely week ends. xx
  • Oooh Mrs S, that's great news, fingers crossed for a BFP!! Even if not you know your body's working.

    I'm still waiting.... hopefully get some kind of answer tomorrow.

    Hope your cold's gone away Toria! xx
  • Thanks StarryNu! I'm officially on my first ever 2ww!! The wait is killing me but I also know that it's not very likely we've done it first time! Still, if AF turns up then I'll be happy too as at least the wait will be over. If she hasn't turned up by the 30th I'm going to test that morning as that's my birthday!
    Good luck for tomorrow. I haven't had my test results back yet, hopefully tomorrow or Thursday.
    Hope you're all doing ok! xx
  • Fingers crossed for a birthday BFP for MrsS!!

    Glad Toria's feeling better too. Abnormal smears can be worrying - I had some a couple of years back that resulted in a biopsy and then removal of the dodgy cells. I think 99% of the time it's all just precaution so I'm sure you'll be just fine - men have it so easy though, don't they? Huh??!!

    Been to my doctor today to discuss results of my scan and I have full PCOS so he's put me on metformin to try and get my body to get its act together. Will see how that goes......

    Didn't expect to get prescribed something and having mixed feelings about having to take a daily tablet again after my liberation from the pill almost six months ago.... Hmmmmmmm......

    Baby dust and normal bodily functions to all xxx
  • Hi Girls

    Hah Mrs Robson you made me laugh about the normal body functions!!

    It's ridiculously late to be up on a work night but I really can't sleep. Don't know whether it's cos I'm worried about hospital tomorrow, or cos after cutting caffeine down to one cup a day I was feeling particularly in need today so had a bit more!

    It's good that things are moving Toria. I had a few abnormal smears too and had to go for the colscopy (or however you say it). It seems so common, I thought I was alone and once I mentioned it to one or two friends I realised lots of people have them.

    2ww sounds so exciting Mrs S!!!! I bet you're SS like mad! Not long until birthday time either. I really hope you get a sticky bean

    Mrs Robson, I've read a few success stories from Metformin. Another pill but this one should have the opposite end result, fingers crossed!

    Seconding the baby dust and normal body functions to all!! :lol: xx
  • It feels like things are getting worse not better!!! I got the results of my second lot of blood tests today and they were all clear on the hormone and blood sugar level front but the receptionist said the liver test wasn't clear so I needed to speak to the dr. The dr was out of her office and I had to wait ages for her to call me back. She said that the test detected raised liver enzyme levels in my blood which could mean many different things. She said it's not alcohol related (phew, my student days aren't coming back to haunt me!!) and it can be caused my muscle damage, infection and lots of other things. I've got to have a repeat test in a few weeks (yet more blood tests!) to see if the levels are still raised and a hepatitis test which is standard procedure if you have issues with liver enzymes. So more worrying to do for the next few weeks!! I got my letter through about the scan today and have made an appointment for a couple of weeks time and I'll have the repeat blood tests the week before that. So by the end of February hopefully I'll know what's wrong with me in all areas!!! Knowing my luck, to top all this off, AF will arrive on my birthday, when we're going on holiday, along with the worst cramps!

    Sorry for the ramble - you must all be getting sick of me by now!! How's everyone else doing? Any news StarryNu?? xx
  • I'm out of the loop at the moment.

    Congratulations to you Rubyshoes- I hereby christen thee baby Ruby too.

    I have been purposely steering clear of BE at the moment as I am about to go into symptom spotting frenzy. After having the false AF from the tablets so I could have my blood tests and scan I am totally convinced I have ovulated some time between Friday and yesterday (haha). Haven't opk'd or anything and at my scan they said I wouldn't but I am convinced. I've had twinges that I'd forgotten what they felt like and they seem to be coming from the opposite side to usual I've been bd'ing regularly to try and catch the blighter. Hope I'm not building my hopes up and that I'm either met with a BFP or an AF.

    Mrs Robson did you book in with the doctors yourself to discuss your scan results or did they send you it. I have to go for day 21 bloods next week but haven't heard anything since my scan last week. I'm not due to go back to the hospital until April but want something to happen sooner. What oes the metaformin do? I've heard a lot but not sure what it is x
  • Mrs S I don't really know about liver, I don't think they took mine. At least you have lots of tests coming up which will hopefully give some answers, but you may be lucky before then.

    Toria that's fab news on your house!! You'll be so busy that everything will fly by. I think maybe part of my problem is that for the past 3 years I've been doing up a house, with a bit of wedding planning in the middle and now it's finished I find I have more time to worry!!

    Hi Hope, hope the tablets work and you get an AF or BFP

    Well I went for my scan today. Had to drink a pint of water an hour before and not go to the loo so I nearly burstimage!! She said my uterus and ovaries looked fine (she said my ovaries were gorgeous - hurry up gorgous ovaries!!), if anything a little on the small side but nothing to worry about and people had different sized ones, and being on the pill makes them smaller. No cysts but one follicle which was larger than the others which is good, means an egg should be on it's way.

    Got the most PMA I have had in agesimage!! Back to waiting but feel a lot better. Going to order myself some OPKs, but can anyone recommend any, and for us girls who have crazy long cycles how often to you use them? Every day? Also thinking of Agnus Castus but have heard that occasionally it makes a cycle longer and not shorter - which would not be good!

    Sharing some of my PMA with you all xx
  • So two 2wws and a ripe follicle - we're doing well girls!! Fingers crossed!
    Hope - I booked my gp appointment myself and just took the printout the hospital gave me. Metformin is a diabetic drug that should help the insulin imbalance that can happend as a result of PCOS. Apparently these raised levels of insulin can affect the ovaries and stop ovulation and cause irregular AF. So we'll see if it does anything.....!
    PMA, Baby Dust and NBF to you all! Hehe xx
  • StarryNu that's great news about your scan, you must feel so much better now, especially as an egg is getting ready! I got my opk's from ebay, if you type in ovulation tests loadscome up and just choose the cheapest, they're pretty much all the same. I tested every day until I got a positive so I think I used around 80 tests! Sounds like you wont have too long to wait though!
    Hope, that sounds positive, fingers crossed this is your month!!
  • Hi.

    I got married on Aug 8th Last summer, and am ttc! I have been off the pill for 6 weeks and still no AF! All my friends are having babies and like you I am desparate!! I was microgynon 30 for 6 years and Yasmin for 4!

    Good Luck!
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