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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • I am so jealous Mrs Robson!! We really wanted tickets for that - enjoy!!

    Yes definitely still on for that Xmas drink - let me know when you're up!

    E x
  • I've been away for a week or two. Been so busy with life in general at the moment and trying to forgot about everything until my ultrasound Xmas week but came on for a peek. Congratulations Sally- brilliant news!!! x
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm sorry I haven't been around at all as been away with work but just wanted to say fantastic news with the af and BFP!!

    There's hope for as all! Baby dust all round.

    A x
  • Hi Everyone,

    Just thought i'd pop on here and say hello as STILL havent got internet at home (ARGH!!!) and am currenlty round at MILs for Sunday tea.

    Well, Im still in complete shock. I've been thinking about it a little more and I think the only 'symptom' I've had (although i didnt know it at time) was I had weird period type pains very low down in my tum. I was honestly so happy as I thought af was on way. Think I've been having them for the last 2 weeks or so. I've since found out thats common with the implanting of egg.

    I feel sick....but I think it's cuz I'm a bit scared!! ha ha. I've desperately wanted to be a mummy and now that it's all working out...I'm poooing myself (to put it mildly!) I feel a bit stressed with school as we've got so much on this week and I really feel like i need to slow down a bit with all the house stuff that we're still trying too sort. I've told my KS1 manager as i said i might try and get out of the more stressful events like the Christmas Fair. We'll see though,

    My hublet also thinks its fantastic that I've found myself pregnant over the festive period! I'm now well and truely the designated driver. ha ha.

    Anyway, just heard that my tea is ready.

    Speak soon. x
  • Sally - told my husband your designated driver story and he's definitely rooting for me to get a BFP this month. Heheh! xx
  • Hi gals,

    Sally I am still so happy for you!! Have you told anyone else yet or are you and hubs keeping it to yourselves for a while yet?

    Well I tested tonight at CD27 and it was a bfn - what I expected but I am still disappointed. Kidded myself into thinking that this cycle would be shorter than the last one I think. I just want AF to arrive now then I can start using my CBFM - please please please arrive before xmas! Sorry for the moan girls - I know you're all on CD100 plus so you'll probs be thinking - shut up, just wanted a moan tonight!!

    E x
  • Don't worry about it - it's always a downer getting a bfn. I get one every couple of weeks when I test just in case I do a Sally! Hasn't happened yet!

    H xx
  • AF arrived today!!!

    I am soooooo happy!! After all this waiting, it is finally here so now we can start trying, yay!!

    Yesterday was CD44 which isn't too bad, am very lucky to get it so soon and fingers crossed have a regualar cycle this time!!

    Going by a 30 day cycle, I should be ovualting around xmas which is fantastic, DH will love that!!! Am going to start using OPKs this month so know when its happening and can give it our best shot!!

    Oooh and anyone on AC, for what it's worth, I started taking AC 2 weeks today. Coincidence or maybe it does work?!!

    Am so excited and happy!! If I'm this bad now what am I going to be like when get BFP?!! xxx
  • Getting soooooo fed up of waiting. Booo!!! Just found out somebody at work who got married in August is pregnant so the fact that people know means she's at least 12 weeks I would guess. Ra!!!!

    Sorry guys but I need a whinge tonight!! CD126 is a ridiculous day to reach - how much longer??!!!

    Took agnus castus for a month and am having a break for a couple of weeks now then will try it again. Acupuncture has made me feel better but still no AF.

    I'm sure the Christmas holidays will make a couple more weeks pass quickly. Fingers crossed something happens soon!

    H xx

  • Oh no Mrs Robson can't believe there's still no sign of AF yet. How frustrating for you. Wish I could offer some words of comfort or encouragement. This must seem like a lifetime to you. However don't try to stress too much about it (easier said than done I know) as this may have an impact perhaps. You never know, relaxing over the Christmas break may bring it on perhaps?! x
  • Thanks Cheeky Chimp! Fingers crossed for us all xx
  • Hi everyone.

    Just thought I'd say hello and catch up with you all. My mil has given me her wireless internet plug in thingy so I've got the interent temporarily!

    Ahh, Mrs Robson, can't believe you're on CD126. We just cant predict our bodies though can we image Was it you who mentioned a few posts back that you were irrgular before you went on the pill? Maybe that might be the reason why you're just taking that little bit longer to kick start?? Have you thought of asking the doctor for that pill that you can take to stop your period which can actually restart your ovaries? Anything is worth a go isnt it. Got my fingers sooooo tightly crossed for you though hun.

    And's not over until af shows her ugly face!!! There's still hope.

    I'm not too bad. Just extremely tired and I've been particularly narky with my kids. Oops! I feel like I could just fly off the handle at any given moment. If i let myself get too hungry too I feel way sick. All in all, I've just felt a bit rough! ha ha.

    Not telling anyone just yet. As I'm not too sure how far gone I am, I think I might leave telling people til I have a my dating scan...whenever that would be. Still feel like Im worrying every hour of the day. Wish I'd not read so many stories on here about mc . I need to think positive! xxx
  • Sally - sounds like you've got proper symptoms and everything now. Yay!!! Heheheh! It must be kinda funny feeling a bit rough but for such a good reason. Please keep updating us - it's so good to hear how you're getting on!
    I'm waiting at the moment to get a date for my scan to confirm if I've got polycystic ovaries. I've read a fair bit about the condition and it really seems to make sense about a few things I've experienced over the years. I can't get the doctors to do anything to help - they insist on me waiting at least a year and just tell me it's normal - which it sooooooo isn't!!! Ra!!
    The plan is to get my diagnosis and then go for a private consultation. It'll be six months by that point so I totally won't begrudge the money. Unable to book a holiday for next year anyway 'just in case'- wishful thinking or what?!!
    Have a good weekend all xxx
  • How rude of me not to congratulate you Sally!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    Don't suppose you can sprinkle some of that baby dust our way??!! x x x
  • H girlies,

    Not been on here much this week and hubby's grandma is really poorly and is in hospital. Unfortunately there is now nothing more they can do for her so we're all just waiting, rubbish time of year for it but isn't it always the way.

    Still no AF - now CD32 which under ordinary circumstances would be late but for a recent off the pill cycle is completely normal! I am just desperate to start using my CBFM so hoping AF arrives soon.

    I have been thinking about you Sally and wondering when you'll find out how far along you are - keep us all updated when it does happen!

    Mrs Robson - I cannot believe you are still waiting. When will you have your PCOS tests??

    And for all the other girlies I am sending AF dust your way. Let's hope with some PMA and Xmas spirit we may all have a nice surprise on Christmas morning!!

    E x
  • I am waiting too. I am CD34! I know this is not log after just stopping the pill but it feels like ages and I really really want it.
    I never ever thought I would be saying " if I could have only one thing for christmas it would be my period!"
    Well maybe a surprise baby instead but I won't be greedy!
    What is angus castus anyone?
  • Hi all,

    I'm feeling really down for some reason tonight so sorry for being depressive. Since coming off the pill in September I had brown bleeding (sorry TMI) on day 35 in October if you call that an af (which I'm sure you can't) I am on day 64, if not day 100.. I think the day 100 may be the problem!

    Totally appreciate, like you Mrs Robson that its hasn't been a long time incomparison to some but just feel so frustrated tonight that its not coming.

    I have had af pain, twice, for a few days but then no af which makes me thing its about to come but then nothing!!


    Anyway sorry to moan big time, just needed to vent!

    Hope you're all feeling happier than me and sorry again xx
  • Sorry Sally - selfishly I got caught up but I also forgot to say thats fantastic news. Well done you! Please be positive, am sure everything will be fine for you.

    Mrs Mel, I don't understand what angus castus is either, is that something i should consider?

  • Ruby - so sorry to hear about your husband's grandma. Hope she finds rest peacefully.

    Toria - I think you're a week ahead of me! Waaaaaa! Why do our bodies have to do this??!!

    Aliccia and MrsMel Agnus Castus is a herb you can buy on the internet or at Holland and Barrett that apparently helps with long cycles and other menstrual problems. I took it for a month but still nothing but Sally took it and got pregnant without AF even showing her head! So it works for some and not others. Definitely worth a go!

    Have a good day girlies xx
  • Thanks Mrs Robson - she's much weaker tonight so in laws have gone up to be with her. Really hoping she's near the end as it's so awful to watch people I love go through this - her included.

    Anyway I will have to guiltily confess that this is CD1 for me (again). Second AF since the pill arrived today and cycle was a much more normal 33 days - I am so hoping this is everything settling down now. I even brushed the dust off the CBFM this morning woo hoo!

    So hoping that your girls can join me. I want to see us all in a due in 2010 group soon

    AF and baby dust to all

    E x
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