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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • Hi girls.,
    Ruby - so sorry to hear about your husband's grandma deterioration. Hope she rests peacefully soon. Very hard to watch your family so upset. Glad you have got your af though and can use CBFM again!

    Toria - No problem about the rant, thats what we are all here for! Soo hope your af comes soon. To make you feel even better 3 people at work have said to me isnt it about time I had kids as we got married last year. I too smiled sweetly but wanted to shout at them "im trying you know"!!!


  • Hi girls.,
    Ruby - so sorry to hear about your husband's grandma deterioration. Hope she rests peacefully soon. Very hard to watch your family so upset. Glad you have got your af though and can use CBFM again!

    Toria - No problem about the rant, thats what we are all here for! Soo hope your af comes soon. To make you feel even better 3 people at work have said to me isnt it about time I had kids as we got married last year. I too smiled sweetly but wanted to shout at them "im trying you know"!!!


  • Ruby - sounds like your body is getting back to normal - that's excellent news!! Stay in our lil group though!

    H xx
  • Also thinking about that drink at Christmas........ How should we go about this cos obviously I don't want to put contact details on Baby Expert - also should we ask all the County Durham lot ?
    It would be kinda funny to get a load of ttcers together when we never get to talk about any of this stuff to our usual friends and family....??!!
    Let me know what you think..... xx
  • Hi,
    I'm still waiting... it's now officially 6 months since the one period I've had since February. I'm doing the same I never Ever thought the day would come when I'd be looking forward to my period. Both of my cousins are now pregnant and 1 had only been trying for 1 month- I'm thrilled to bits for them but I'm so jealous and erratic- I ran out to get a HPT within 10 minutes of receiving the news.

    I have my referral to the hospital on Tuesday and have mixed feelings- hopeful in case they do go ahead and give me clomid but at the same time I'm worried in case they either find something more serious or don't do anything at all.

    Anyway I just thought it might be worth mentioning a word of warning with AC. I've read lots of good stuff about it but after taking it for a few weeks I mentioned it to my doctor and she said she tends to prescribe it more for menopausal ladies and that you're only supposed to take it during a certain part of your cycle so that put me off and I stopped x
  • Hi Ladies

    I am new to this thread, hope you dont mind me gate crashing! Well I am on CD90 since coming off the pill!!!!!!:evil: Its so bloody frustrating!! I went to my docs last week and am going to have a scan to get things checked out on friday so hoping to get some answers.

    Hope09 - I started taking AC yesterday, and feel like I am having mild AF pains today but surely it wouldnt work that quickly, maybe my mind playing tricks on me!! I posted about it the other day and someone said that they only takie it for the first part of there cycle(well god knows when that is for me!!) and then they stop when they think they start ovulating as it can make it more difficult to conceive, so just going to take it until my AF comes and then just take first 10 days of my next cycle and see what happens :\?
  • Hi & welcome Catherine,
    It sounds like we are pretty much in the same situation. I've been to the docs a few times- most recently about 6 weeks ago. They sent me for a blood test and said I've got PCOS. I'm going for a scan this week.

    It's a while since I tried the AC but I convinced myself I was getting AF pains or I had them down as implantation pains too haha. Having said that, quite a few people on the site have taken it and got some positive results so who knows. Maybe you should ask about the AC when you have your scan or referal. Yeah I stopped because of the whole not having a clue what was happening and when in my cycle. Totally know how you feel- I never realised what a big part of my life my period was and that everything is planned with it in mind. Although I'm not having periods and don't even seem to be ovulating I still get pre AF pains and really bad PMT/crying and I've started to notice that it does seem to be every month. Apparently, even without a period there are so many hormones involved in your cycle that it is still possible to get that way- my mum had her menopause years ago but still gets PMT.

    Not sure if any of that helps but just wanted to let you know I know how you're feeling x
  • Thanks Hope09 - I might ask them about AC when I go for my scan then, just want to know whats going on!! Here' hoping we all get BFP's soon!
  • Hope - nice to see you again and sorry to hear there's still no sign of AF. Same story here still. I feel the same about Agnus Castus. I took it for a month but nothing happened so I've stopped and I don't know whether to take some again or not.....?? I read about people having good reactions and then I read bad things so who knows.....? Most people with good reactions seem to have something happen within a couple of weeks though so I don't think it's helping me...
    I have seem on PCOS that some people have had a bring them down from 1 or 2 AF a year to 4 or 5 which is a fair few more bites of the cherry I suppose. I just don't want to do any damage!
    I'm glad though that you're going for the scan this week as it's a positive step in the right direction. My bloods came back indicating PCOS but I'm still waiting for my scan date. Fingers crossed!!
    I've had the odd feeling like AF pain or something several times but nothing happened. I even had a positive OPK at the beginning but it was obviously false! Ra!
    I worked out the other day what with being on the pill and these problems now I probably last ovulated in 1997!! There's a scary thought!!
    Catherine - I hope your scan goes well too and that they're helpful.
    Seriously thinking of taking my diagnosis (once I get it!) and going to a private clinic to speed things up. My friend did that and it cost her ??150 and they did a full investiagtion and put her on clomid. She now has a beautiful baby boy. Definitely worth the holiday fund that cannot be spent anyway 'just in case!' Is this something you guys would consider? I just cannot wait 18 months - the nhs is just so slow and I find it worse since I've moved to London.
    Baby and AF dust to you all xx
  • Hope09 and Mrs Robson - Thanks for the replys, went for my scan today and looks like I have Polysistic ovaries - My lining is very thin still so not about to have AF anytime soon - Had blood tests as well so see what they say - been getting really upset all afternoon, crying on and off, I knows its not the end of the world but I would have to wait another 9 months before they will even do anything about it

    Mrs Robson, you mentioned about a private clinic to get things moving sooner, do you know how I would go about finding my local one, I would rather pay and get things moving than have to wait another 9 months!!!
  • Catherine - I have used to google to find one close to me and will book an appointment as soon as I've had my scan. Unfortunately I was referred three weeks ago and still haven't even received a date for my appointment. Everything is sooooo slow with the nhs. I'm on a teacher's salary so we're not users of private healthcare but with this I think it's definitely money well spent! x
  • Thanks MrsRobson, spoke to hubby about it and he also thinks it a good idea so am going to get booked in, thanks for that - didnt even think about it! Will keep you posted on progress and let me know when you get your scan date through - Fingers crossed for all of us!!
  • Hi all...I'm new to this babymaking lark, and have read all of your posts and it sounds like I'm in a sililar place...

    Opinions please...

    We got married 3 weeks ago, and I was on the pill (cerazette) for about 10 years with no periods, only very occasional spotting. I came off the pill on our wedding day and the day after I was showing signs of ovulating (I think)... mainly discharge! (tmi - sorry!) We spent lots of time in bed over the next couple of days and since then felt really sick one day, headachey and the worst stomach cramps ever, all within about a week after the wedding.

    I wouldn't say we're "trying", but we're not preventing... anyway, for the last 3 days I have had he most painful nipples and the heaviest boobs ever... I never got that from periods... like someone's just attached a fish hook through my nipple and dangled a bag of sugar on the end of the line... I can't touch them!

    We're off on honeymoon (all things being well, with snow and BA at Heathrow) on Sunday, for 2 weeks and I wonder if... (surely not) but IF I could be... dare I say it.. the P word...

    Ive read of people getting pregnant straight away, and if it wasn't for my sore boobs, I wouldn't even think it possible, but they hurt so so much...

    Anyone else experiencing this much pain so soon?

  • Hi dummydust,welcome!!i came off the pill in sept and waited fifty odd days for first AF.about two weeks before this I had your symptoms-sore boobs to the extent that it hurt to lie on them etc etc.pregnancy and AF symptoms are annoyingly similar as I've subsequently found out.I hope yours is pregnancy though!congrats on your very recent wedding we got married in July so still in post wedding bliss image) x
  • Thanks for the response rubyshoes... Loving all the info I'm getting off this site...I thought I was addicted to YAYW; then I found babyexpert! Even now, after 3 weeks of being off the pill, I'm constantly thinking about it! Fingers crossed for you too... I like to think positive! X
  • Hi Dummydust,

    I was on cerazette since about April this year, having been on mycrogynon for about 8 years before that. I only had two very light random AFs on it. It took me 8 weeks to get my first AF once I had stopped taking it, but I have heard that it will take longer than the normal cycle length if you have been taking a pill where you don't have a gap in between packets. In that 8 weeks I had a really sore bloaty tummy, and very sore nipples. I also had CM about a week after stopping. As Rubyshoes says, it is really frustrating as preg and AF and coming off the pill symptoms are so similar. That is not to say it isn't pregnancy for you, I hope it is! But I think it is helpful to keep in mind that it might be your body adjusting to coming off the pill, so if you aren't you won't be too dissapointed. :\)

    Fingers crossed for you! xxx
  • I got my scan date today!!!! Yay!!!! Going to be my ovaries checked out on 8th Jan so not too long a wait - first week back in fact! At least I can get the ball rolling now!
    Dummydust - congratulations on your recent wedding. A lot of us got married this year (we did in March). You could be the P word........! So fingers crossed for you and if it isn't then hope it is soon! xx
  • Yey congrats mrs robson really pleased you've got your scan date through.hopefully you can relax a bit over Xmas then will find out what the situation is early in the new year.

    You're welcome dummydust,as mrs robson said a lot of us are newlyweds and I too am addicted to this site.wouldn't have survived without all the lovely ladies to offer their wise words!!

    E x
  • Yes I want it now. I am now CD 40 with no period in sight.I have had signs and symptoms of AF on and off for 2wks but nothing. I have also had extra dischage (sorry if TMI) but nothing.
    I want it now.What can I do to ease the frustration?
    At the moment my frustration is making me eat and eat and eat. I cannot gain weight as I still have 5lb to go to my goal!
  • yay Mrs Robson! That's brill news. That'll definitely put your mind a little at ease over the Christmas holidays now you've got a date to work towards. DO they tell you the outcome on the same day? A friend of mine has PCOS and she's just found out she's pregnant image

    So glad school's over now. Was anyone else struggling in the last few days?? My kids were HYPER!! Just kept randomly squealing throughout the day. And when the snow came down...well...mayhem! x
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