Feeling blue...

Hi girls,

Well, it's CD1, month 21 for me and I'm gutted. I just feel like it's never going to happen and OH doesn't get how much it hurts every month. He just keeps saying that it will happen one day! Well maybe, but I'm 33 this year and there's been nothing so far. Have been to docs and all my bits are in order, but OH (he's 42) refuses to get his little men checked out or change his lifestyle (ie: drinking so much) and I'm starting to get really resentful about it. I hate feeling this way as I love him so much but I just don't think he understands how upset I am when I have another month of knowing that's it's not our turn. Maybe it never will be?

Sorry to rant, just feeling very sorry for myself. image

Babydust to all!



  • Sorry that you are feeling so down. Dont really have any advice but wanted to offer my sympathy and send you a bucket load of PMA.xxx
  • sorry to hear how down you are, not really of any use to u but have you asked oh if he would consider using one of the home kits?
    i know there not 100% accurate but it may give you an indication?
    take care
  • Thank you for the PMA, it's helping already!

    I was feeling very sorry for myself last night after a few glasses of wine!! Danipink - that's a really good idea about the home testing kit, I'll definitely look into it!

    Moggs x
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