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FAO MrsWB - or any 2wwaiters!


Just wanted to ask how the 2ww is going?

It was really strange as the day I read you got a pos on your access dianostic sticks - that night I went home and got the same! Good omen I thinks - I hope you get a BFP!

Anyone else waiting?

When do you think you will test?



  • Hi Wishing4abub

    Oh lets hope so. On day 21 now and this is the part I really hate. I dont feel any different at all and I always thought if I was pregnant I would 'feel it'. I am off to Eygpt on Sunday for a week and AF should show her face during this time based on my cycles of 28-33 days. The latest she should show her face in the Monday after I get home. If she does not show then when I get home I will test.

    Hoping you get a BFP this month.

    Mrs WB xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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