Step away from the HPTs!!


I have been wondering if this is our month despite it being our first month due to a break in my pill symptoms and then all of a sudden nausea and dizziness which isn't going away. (Had it for over a week now). Also have been getting some low down pulling/tugigng on the right hand side at the front, just in from my right ovary I think.

I think this could still be normal for coming off the pill and logically its more likely I am not pg but I can't help thinking it as I feel so different. More fool me every time I test! :cry:

The thing is I'm not due on until thursday although I really don't even know this for sure as I haven't had a full cycle yet and I have already done 3 tests! yikes! image I keep thinking I might know before p is due especially as I don't really know when it is due.

I must be a total mentalist!! Thats how I feel anyway...and so disappointed everytime I test too. I need to find some good distractions I think.;\)

What happened to staying relaxed??? :\?


  • Ha ha hun I know what you mean its just addictive!!

    What tests have you been doing? all BFN?

    Good luck it isnt over until the witch shows her face, lets hope she doesnt image

  • Thanks SD, glad its not just me. I think reading about so many bfps makes you hopeful - or totally insane in my case! image

    I have done 2 sure sign tests and 1 first response. All BFN.
    The only plus is I've learned (the hard way) that peeing into a jar is less messy than freestyling! lol

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  • He he lol i get plastic bowls pee in them and then dispose of them its better to pee in a bowl than directly on the stick only thing is i feel my hands shaking when am holding it in the container!!

    Good luck

  • Robin, have you tried an OPK? I had my first month off pill last month and thought i'd done it as AF was late but kept getting BFNs, then had these pulling pains and turns out it was ov pains as i discovered when buying some OPKs. Either keep Bd'ing or check with some OPKs i say. Baby dust to you
  • Thanks for the advice Wispa. I think I will see if AF arrives and afterwards I am planning to use some ov sticks to see when exactly I am ovulating.

    Does anyone know the best way to use the ov sticks to get the best idea?
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