Into my 2ww I go!

Hi Ladies,

Well, I'm now into my 2ww - got two very strong positive OPK's yesterday and temp spiked by 0.4 this morning, so gues I'm officially in my 2ww!

LP was 12 days last month, so going by that my BFP is due around 4th Feb.

Been BD'ing plenty (every day since Tuesday night) and going to BD tonight just for luck!

If anyone else is due their BFP around the same time, be lovely to hear from you!

Babydust to you all,


  • Hey!
    Good luck for your BFP!! I don't ovulate for a few more days so I am a bit behind you but we have been BD'ing lots and keeping our fingers crossed!

    Not looking forward to the 2ww. Only on our second month and I know it is going to send me a bit mad!!
  • hi hun, good luck, im still bloody thought i had but cheated and took temp the last 2 mornings and its dropping so i assume im still waiting. loads of ov pains today so hoping it will be monday or tuesday, then it will be 2ww for me. im not due on till the 11th so a bit longer lp for me image.xxxx
  • Hiya, my cycle is a bit strange this unsure whether af really started 8th or the 9th as i had strange pinkish cm. my cheap ov tests aren't helping on whether im ovulating or not. usually i ov cd 16 & 17, if thats right i should be ovulating now, but im unsure when really as cheapie tests aren't great with clarifying!!! Weve been bd'ing every other day since cd8, then every day since cd 15, now on cd17 (i think) just to cover ourselves we are going to keep at it until wed just to make sure!!! haha, ive had funny stitch pains today which i never usually get so i am hoping it is ov pains and maybe i am only cd16 not 17 ....sorry this is really long winded.

    Good luck all xx
  • Thanks Ladies.....BD last night and going to go tonight for extra good luck! Don't want to give up the BD marathon until I'm sure that we've done enough!
    We should have covered it shouldn't we?
  • I think you have hun. Thats how I feel, I dont want to miss any opportunities lol !!! we BD last night and will carry on until Weds just in case haha xx
  • Good luck to you Mrslolly84 - I'll be glad of a rest and I'm sure my OH will too! xx
  • good luck to you, im hoping to find myself a cycle buddy later on as im going into my 2ww in about a week!!

  • Hey ladies, good I join please? I had my first peak on Friday so I think I'm 2DPO :\?

    Either way you can guarantee I'll be ss like a mad woman :lol:

  • Hello. I'm on my first ever 2WW - CD10 today I think so not too long to go although I don't know when AF is due as I've only had one since coming off the pill a few months a go! Trying to make myself wait a few more days before's so hard though!! xx
  • HappyMrsS, do you mean 10DPO or CD10 image

  • Oops I meant 10DPO!!!!! Thinking of testing Wednesday with a SD test and then doing a CBD on Friday - hubby and I are going away on Saturday for a week for my birthday so would be perfect timing if it was good news!! And if it was bad news then at least I'd have a lovely week away to take my mind off it. xx
  • Got my fingers crossed for you hun

  • Hows it going for everyone?

    I am only 3-4 dpo, not sure exactly how many days i am, as i had lines for a few days and they were on cheapies so goodness knows but due af i think on 8th hopefully the witch stays away. I feel like ive been kicked in the stomach today, and just been out to lunch and saw the blue and pink fizzy bottles and had to buy a load of them to eat!!!! yum!!! just a simple sugar craving im sure! lol xx
  • lol mrs lolly, although i have to say, fizzy sweets where my first craving when i was expecting lo.xxxxxx

    i am finally 1dpo and into my 2ww.xxxxxxx
  • lol mrs lolly, although i have to say, fizzy sweets where my first craving when i was expecting lo.xxxxxx

    i am finally 1dpo and into my 2ww.xxxxxxx
  • Hello!
    I think I am either 1 or 2 dpo so I am now into my 2ww! I am going to carry on BD'ing though as I am not entirely sure image

  • Yay angel100 you are finally in the 2ww!!! lol How are you feeling?

    Really? I can't remember any pg symptoms when i had my tummy still feels tight though lower down and ive got funny niggling pulling on my lower right hand side so goodness knows what that is. also tmi i swear that when i wiped there was a bit of pink cm....but that might be my eyes playing tricks on me as i wouldnt think i would have all that so early after ov?? xx
  • Hey ladies,
    I'm 5DPO today and had mild stitch like pains on and off for about half hour this morning, but hardly noticeable. Boobies feel heavy and left nipple VERY sore! Feel a bit sicky now. Had fever like symptoms (with a temp of 100.44 on Tues night) and aches and pains but back down to 98.2 on Wed morning - very odd.
    Lets keep this post going with an update on our symptoms and how we're feeling.
    Angel - nice to see you've finally joined us in the 2ww!
  • thanks girls, just glad to be here thought i was never going to

    mrslolly i feel ok, we have bd right around ov time so finger crossed.

    really hope we all get our valentines bean. when is everyone testing.xxxxxxxx
  • Sounds like a good plan donnat2004, im always ss even though i say i wont!!!! lol xx
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