new user in need of some advice pleaseeeee

hi all i came of the implant 3 weeks ago now and had my last period the 25the january.For the last week i have felt sick on and off and had really bad swollen stomach i did a test lase week but was negative.So what do u all think? was the test to early or what i am all confuses:\?


  • hello
    well going by dates today would be ur cd24 and if you ov'd on 14 ish it would make you about 10 days past ov a preggy test wouldnt show a true pos untill 14 days past at least
    hope this helps and makes some sence xx
  • thought id add:
    what you could of felt last week was ovulation
    i get AF like pains vloated feel sick nips sometimes hurt xx
  • thanx u 2 this really helps
  • Glad we were some help. Have you thought about using opk's.... I found them really good as i found out i OV'd CD18... and this month i think i am going to be OV'ing about 13/14....

    Good Luck hope you get your BFP really soon x
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