been see doc today

well went see my doc today as had pulled muscle in my neck and thought whilst there will get it all out.........

anyway..... wasnt much help cos i have children from previous marrige he said that he still thinks i have pcos due to other signs even though im having periods now didnt when it was first suspected 10 yrs ago.... but cos i have had children he wont go futher into it and advices me to get dh tested but that 150pd as doc wont get involved til been trying for 2 yrs. so cant afford to get dh tested and feel really down now aaaarrgghhh to docs ......................


  • sorry they wernt much use, surely they can refer you for meds? can you see a different doc?

    has your hubby got the same gp might be worth him seeing if he has a more sympathic doc?
  • i would see another doctor and push for a sperm analysis. I saw one doctor in may who told me to come back in autumn even tho we had been trying for a year with no children - then saw another in july as i was so fed up and straight away he referred the both of us. They can really vary!
    ps i live nort london and have been quoted ??95 for sa in the past if that helps xx
  • Sorry they weren't much help the other girls are saying it might be an idea to go and see a more understanding doctor. Some of them just can't seem to relate to the frustration that comes along with TTC! x
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