i think it works

well i read online that grapefruit juice helps to produce more fertile cm. so i thought id try it.

i started getting ov pains on saturday (usualoly last a week or so) so yesterday i drank a glass of ov an dby the time i went to bed i seemed to have more cm then i had a glass at lunch today and when i came home i was def producing more cm and it is even quite egg whity.

just thought i d share it with you all.xxx


  • I'll try anything if it leads to the BFP!!! xx
  • was it pink grapefruit juice?
  • so yesterday i drank a glass of ov


    Thanks for the tip - can't stand Grapefruit Juice but it's worth a try x
  • lol mr fozz, im am sleep deprived at the mo,lol.xxx

    grudie i tried the pink stuff but couldnt stomach it so am drinking tropicana golden grafefruit juice.xxx
  • lol i cant stand the stuff either,my hubby get dilutant stuff and even thats minging

    im not even sure i could have any type

    pineapple is meant to be good for something aswell but cant remember what right now lol
  • yeah i read that to i think you drink it after ov to hlp implantation.xxxx

    i was actually surprised how nice the golden stuff is.xxx
  • yeah thats it,is it nice? i might give it a try atleast hubby can drink it if i think its minging although some months i am ok
  • yeah i used to be, used to get loads ewcm but not as much now so thought id give it a try. the golden stuff is def nicer than that pink stuff, i tried to drink it but was gagging.lol.xx
  • I dont think I like it either but worth a shot.
    *runs off to get a glass* xx
  • mmmh I love grapefruit juice, gonna get some tomorrow...although I could not possibly have more cm

    pineapple is supposed to make mens stuff taste better LOL

  • thats what i thought def worth a try and if anythign it helps with vitamin intake and fluids.xxx
  • lol didnt know that shuck.lol
  • eewwwww shucks

  • pineapple is supposed to make mens stuff taste better LOL


    Hehehe!! Shuck - I think I may have figured out where you're going wrong.....!! ;\);\);\) xxx
  • Tropicana do a breakfast juice which is oj and grapefruit juice, which might be ok for those of us who don't like grapefruit - not sure though
  • Hmmm, I might tell hubby to get me some! Never tried it before but I like most fruit juices. Cheers pet. image
  • think i can live wthout the pineapple now like lol :lol:

    my husband would be so lucky image
  • Lol @ pineapple juice!!
  • hi hun. i think it just help the production of cm, i think the only reason im starteing to get ewcm is coz im near ov. the last couple of months i havent been producing much so happy to see it.xxx
  • Aw huni i thought for a second this was your BFP post i got real excited! How are you hun, ready for xmas??xxx
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