sooooo tired!!

Morning girls!!

spent most of last night up the hospital with lo so am very tired today!!! he was meant to go back to school today but can't!!
He hasn't slept properly in 3 nights!! like having a new born again!!!

whats everyone up to today??


  • Hi hun, whats wrong with your lo?

    I am chilling out after my weekend in London went with hubby to see Dirty Dancing it was fab but have been sooooo tired myself with all the travelling and walking.

    Am trying to get an appointment with the doctor after they have done 2 negative urine tests but my stomach is still swollen and sore so I think they should be checking that out.

    Bl***dy doctors you can never get an appointment, its always ring back tomorrow!!

  • Oh no! Hope your LO is ok hon and its nothing serious.
    And hope you get some sleep soon - I have a lo myself so know how the sleepless nights can hit you hard when they normally sleep fine!

    Hope everything is alright, and SD I'm glad you enjoyed London - you made a lot of women very jealous with that! xx
  • he's fine thanks!!! has had really bad stomach pain the last 3 nights!! its weird as he is fine in him self and has no pain in the day!!!

    sd i really hope you get sorted!! it must be horrid for you!! am v jealous with the london visit though!!

    garfield you are so right, he slept through the night from about 3 months and he's now 5 so its been a long time since being woken every 2 hours!!! lol

  • Aww bless him. It's horrible when they're poorly and you can't do anything for them. Have they given a reason why he's having troubles?

    Hope he starts to feel better soon - for your sleep as well as himself! My lo is only 15 months so much younger but has slept through from 2 months - I think we are both very lucky women Mrs JC!!
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