Hi I'm new

Was wondering if any one has had this happen.

Came off the first pill in early may and had normal fake af weighting for propper one, new I'd get too stressed if we tryed and I had a really long gap before BFP of AF, any way while wating I've had aches etc. but over the weekend and four weeks ago had full blown af simptoms stomach cramps that made me feel properly sick tender boobs consterpation bloating the works but no af, did a test just incase but BFN.

Do you have any advice????


  • Hi, welcome to the site.

    The pill really messes us up. I for one had lots of different signs during my first month off it. I'm still getting lots of things in the 2ww, I have never had before, and this is my 4th month ttc.

    It is hard not to get your hopes up each month. But things will settle down, hopefully quickly. xx
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