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  • It would just be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you - keep the updates coming. Zxx
  • You too! Keep us posted everyone! The 2ww is unbearable so will be good to have a bit of moral support.
  • Hey MrsEH I am in education too (teacher) and so is my husband!
    What is Zestica. SHould I try it..
    I am on CD 7 and cant wait until CD10.... I am praying this is my month dont really want to get to that 6 month mark (month 5 at the moment) as I am beginning to worry there may be something wrong with em! I will not be testing early though! Have read about too many people being caught out with any early yes only for it to change to a no.
  • Hehe,it really is wierd that we're all around the same place in our cycle!I'm on CD 9 today and plan to start in style tomorrow-although hubbys on night shift so I only have a 45 min window to catch him
    in between our works!I see this as a challenge,hehe!!We came off the pill in Nov but weren't actively trying I guess until about 2 months ago,I just always thought it'd happen fast!Now a family member announced she was unexpectedly 10 weeks pg on Thurs and As much as I was happy for her I was so gutted for us-I cried all night!! However my PMA is returning and I bought some zestica too so I think we'll fling that into the mix & see how this month goes!My doc thinks I didn't ov last month so is checking again this cycle to make sure I actually do ov!I'm almost 24 and hubby's 32.

    Look forward to hearing how everyone's getting on and hopefully we'll get some BFPs on this thread! image x
  • well good luck to all on the smep. . Will keep you posted. My friend got
    Preg the first try on this so i thought would give a go x Im on cd 11 no ov Yet. Only faint ones x x
  • Morning ladies. So good to see so many joining the thread. I'm CD 13 today and no positive OPK yet, really hope i don't have another hugely long cycle!
    ZLS23, nice to hear your experience of trying SMEP. I think I'd be like you tho and onvince myself after following it that a BFP would be a guarantee, bet it was hard to get that BFN? I'm just so inpatient.

    Having fun attempting to keep the Bd'ing diff each time so things don't become a chore! hehe

    MrsMel, must be really hard getting close to that six month mark. Fingers crossed for you this month. Zestica is a lube that is meant to mimic EWCM so its optimum for conceiving. Have tried it a couple fo times last month but not yet this month as don't fancy stopping to apply before doing the deed! Some ladies swear by it tho along with preseed which is another brand.

    MrsEh, def enjoying the post weddin glow. I so know what you mean about being more secure. We lived together too and things do feel a little different in such a good way. Hope you have an amzing honeymoon and come back with a BFP!

    Today i'm hoping for a positive OPK tomo.
  • Just quick one. I thought i ov on the 14th day. After doing test
    turns not i am today being day 11. Got massive positive on ov
    test. So rec tests are a bloody good idea i been misled by what i thought was the time lol going by a pain i get which i ain't got yet. So here's to the next three nights of bd Ha ha x x x baby dust to all x
  • Just quick one. I thought i ov on the 14th day. After doing test
    turns not i am today being day 11. Got massive positive on ov
    test. So rec tests are a bloody good idea i been misled by what i thought was the time lol going by a pain i get which i ain't got yet. So here's to the next three nights of bd Ha ha x x x baby dust to all x
  • Woohoo booey. First one to get positive OPK this month. I'm jealous i'm CD13 today and no positive yet, hoping we've got enough energy to keep it going at the right point! hehe. Happy BD'ing booey.
  • Good to see this thread is getting lots of action too! Congrats Booey on the positive OPK - I am not holding my breath yet. I think I OV around the CD15 but last month my cycle was 35 days and so I think I prob OVd around day 20. I can't wait to get a positive just to know everything is ticking along nicely. God, now I am going to worry that I might not ovulate! Julianne you can defo join us - the more the merrier! MrsMel - another teacher, yay! When do you break up? It was sports day for us today - lovely but exhausting. Bubba4us - good luck with hubby, hope you pin him down successfully! We Bd'd day 9 (and 10 - oops!) so decided to skip yesterday, which means we're back on tonight. I am already tired which doesn't bode well! Hope it is all going well for everybody..
  • Great news on the posistive OPK booey...you're off to a good start! MrsEH, my cycle was also 35 days last month and is usually there abouts so I think I ov around day 20/21.I used OPKs last month and got a positive just before then (maybe day 18ish) but when the doc took bloods she thought I hadnt ovd so now Im a bit sceptical!!Hoping bloods this month will be good news! image Well today was CD10 and I successfully pinned OH down with no struggle...aha we'll see if he's fighting me off by the end of the month!! :lol: We also started using our zestica today aswell so major baby fingers crossed!!Let the BDing commence!

    Welcome Julieanne...baby dust to all as per!!

  • Sounds like you are off to a good start bubba4us, hope the news about your bloods is good when do you hear?
  • bubba4us, do you mind me asking why you're having bloods done? That made me laugh about pining OH down. Times have definitely changed in our house, it's suddenly me doing the chasing and initiating of BD'ing, hehe!

    Sports day sounds fun MrsEh, what age do you teach?

  • Haha - I totally get that comment Wispa, it is certainly more than I am used to initiating! I teach Ks2 - my form are year3/4, but I also teach year 5 & 6. It is a fab job! What do you do?
  • Thanks MrsEH and Wispa!I don't mind at all.We're all in the same boat here! I had bloods done as I suspected I had endometriosis and mentioned that we'd been trying for 7 months with no luck so she took bloods that day which coincidentally was day 21 but she said I hadn't ovd according to the results, so she's taking more on day 21 of this cycle (well day 20 as 21 is a Sat!) and then she said she'll take them weekly after that if there's no ov again just to see if I ov at any point in my cycle and if not I guess I have a problem! :S The only thing I'm worried about in terms of the bloods (apart from the obvious results) is that I'm going to a family wedding next day and the last time I had the biggest purple bruise on my arm I've ever seen that lasted 2 weeks!!Lol,at least it'll match my dress if I do I suppose!! :lol:

    Lol,times have changed in our house too Wispa,hubby doesn't know what's hit him!He's in his element!

  • Hi,

    I am on Day 12 today and I am trying SMEP for the first month. Have been trying to get pregnant since September last year. I had a missed miscarriage in January and I am desperate to get pregnant this month so really hope it works.
  • Welcome Ellie and oodles of good luck! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, let's hope the SMEP works it's magic. Bubba4us, you're much braver than me, I hate blood tests. Is it possible that the dr could be wrong? Maybe you ov really late/early? I have been useless at tracking ovulation but am determined to do it properly this month. Am hoping the smep will take some of the anxiety out of waiting for a positive opk. X
  • MrsEH,I hate blood tests too but was just getting a little worried.I've always had IBS and when I was 12 I was sent for an ultrasound as my periods were really sore and they thought the 2 might be linked. The scan showed 1 cyst next to my left ovary but they told me not to worry and that there was no action required- but it's always played on my mind & I always worried about the possibility of it being more and not being able to conceive!!I know it's probably silly but I just hope that's all it is!!I'll find out after these extra tests I guess!

    How are you all doing today?? xxx
  • Bubba4ys, hope you get some answers from your blood tests, at least your GP is doing something proactive i guess?
    Ellie, good luck with SMEP. Fingers crossed for us all.

    MrsEh, i'm using OPKs too but yet to get a positive. Although (bit TMI) i have been paying attention to CM and thought i had EWCM beginnings of today but a negative Ov test so a bit confused. Suppose i'll keep up the every other day BD'ing anyway.

    Used zestica for first proper time last night. What does anyone else think of it?
  • Ooh well hope you get some answers Bubba4us and soon so that you can put it to the back of your mind. How did you get on with the zestica wispa? I also noticed some CM changes but not EW and negative opk so still waiting - I think I should ov sometime between this Fri and next Wed. Am finding it hard to remember to do the opks in the morning, I am sooo tired at the mo! Are you girls going to carry on bding after ov? I thought I would keep going until 4/5 days after just in case..
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