ttc and antibiotics

would you risk it? I have got a nasty bout of tonsilitus, i can hardly swallow and the doctor has given me a prescripsion for penicilin. I explained that i am ttc and she said that she would suggest i take the antibiotics anyway because the problem will get much worse without them.
I dont know what to do. Im in a lot of pain and im probably not pg so i will kick myself if i dont take the antibiotics and have to suffer for nothing.
What would you do?? Im 8 dpo btw xxx


  • Hi Sammie

    I was given anti biotics last month and the ones he gave me were perfectly ok for ttc too. Just let the doc know that you are trying and he will give you ones that are ok.

    Hope this helps

    V xxx
  • i know exactly how you feel! I had to go on antibiotics and steriods last week and was really worried and then i got a bfp on monday. so went back to the docs and he said it was fine and had to have more antibiotics. (I checked with the pharmacist just in case as well and he said fine too)! hope your feeling better
  • when i was pg with my lo i had penicillin for an ear infection so i'd say they would be fine to take!!!

    hope you feel better soon!
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