CBFM Advice please

I'm just about to buy a CBFM. Can you start using it at any time or do you have to start using it on CD1?
Kelly x


  • you have to wait until day one, or six if you fast forward through AF.
  • i just bought one yesterday and started it today, the latest you can set it is to cd5
  • wot is a CBFM im a newbie lol x
  • Ok thanks ladies.
    Hi Hols, it's Clear Blue Fertility Monitor x
  • oh wot they do? and r they any gd? lol x
  • Hi
    I think they are fab - you poas each morning from 5th day of your cycle and the machine tells you when you are oving. It helped me as I could never get a cheapie OPK to work and I had 30-36 day cycles which meant we were probably BD'ing at the wrong times.

    once you know when you've ov'd - you can then count the 14 days until you need to test.

    If you don't get an ov - you have some data to go to your GP and start gettting some help.

    I got my BFP first month of using it - after a year of TTCing. Got mine second hand on ebay for about ??55 - which is alot but now I'm at 14 weeks and just had my scan, Im going to put it back on ebay to help pay for baby stuff.

    So, if you have regular cycles and are sure when you are ov'ing, then prob not worth it - but for irregular cycles - I cannot recommend them enough!

  • Hi KellyB23

    I've just bought one on ebay for ??30, been looking for a few days and definitely worth keeping a look out x
  • thinking of getting this next month if ttc hasnt worked this month, so will be asking u ladies advice on it xx
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