Morning BD

Is it just me or does anyone else stress about morning BD on the days you have to get up? I keep thinking i've not laid still (usually with legs in air) for long enough on work days. Due to lack of time only manage about 10/15 minutes. OH prefers morning and to be fair i do too but worry about his swimmers escaping whilst in shower? I'm probably just being irrational but feel like every swimmer must count right now. xx


  • Hi Katie

    I never really BDd in the morning coz of that exact reason! I prefer to BD once in bed and then i could not move for 7hrs or so!


  • Glad its not just me then. Really felt like i was being a bit dramatic. We may have to mix it up a bit!! When i see a peak though i can't leave it til evening. Scared of missing the window which i know is daft as the CBFM gives two peaks!! Congratulations Broody on your BFP. You and OH must be estatic. Wishing you a very h&h 9 months hun. xx
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