Playing the waiting game :(

Hi, this month has really done my head in to be honest, I only BD'd a couple of times early on in my cycle so assumed I would be out, then early last week I felt awful, constantly felt sick but never was, tired, headachey, and hot flushes, so stupid me thought -ooo could it be?? then on CD25 (which was thursday) I had some spotting when I wiped on one occassion so thought obviously not my month as AF was due the following day, yesterday came and went and no AF so this morning im thinking im officially 'late' and do a cheapy HPT and got a BFN so now just waiting for the little madam to rear her ugly head! xxxx


  • I know how you feel as I had exactly the same last month. You're not out though until she does arrive! So fingers still crossed for you xxx
  • Thank you both for the replies! I always hate the last couple of days you just wanna know either way dont you image xx
  • ((HUGS)) BK xxxxx
  • Still no AF hope she comes today (which i think she will) if she doesn't though would you suggest I test again? I tested on my due date and yesterday and got BFN on both, but it was with the test strips that cost like ??2 for 10 and you dip into a pot of wee?? so wondering if it would be worth buying one or just accepting im not pregnant this month and focussing on the next? xxxx
  • ok hun thanks for the advice, I might wait to see if she comes today cos really feels like she might and if not will buy one tommorow i'll be CD29 tommorow (normal cycles are 25) Last Thursday when I went to the loo I had spotting on my toilet paper when I wiped this only happened on one occasion that day and hasn't happened since, on that day i thought it was the start of my AF comingg as I was due the following but now i dont know what to think! lol xxxx
  • ooo i would just rather know either way lol I keep getting cramps that i think are AF but then I pass some wind or go to the loo and it feels better (sorry far too much information i know lol) xxx
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