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EWCM at 16/17 DPO

I have tons of EWCM today (and yeserday) and am either 16 or 17 DPO. I'm getting the feeling that this is pre-AF, any opinions?


  • Hi,

    i didnt get any until CD26&27 so i wouldnt worry you could be about to ov, unless have you had it already earlier on in this cycle? my cycles are gone to pot, from about every 4/5 weeks to god knows what the last one was 46 days & apparantly they can change for no apparant reason as well as when you're stressed out. Do you normally get EWCM before af hon?
  • Didn't get any last month before AF, but that means nothing when coming off the pill.

    Am 99% sure that I ovd on CD 23, now on CD40. x
  • Hi hun, some ladies do get a bit extra cm before af after being dry. xx
  • Thanks Mithical, thing is I haven't been 'dry' since just after AF.

    Time will tell! x
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