The Great Sperm Race

I know this has been mentioned on here, but only just got round to watching it & thought it might be good for the newbies that have joined us...

Very informative & no wonder its so bloody difficult to get pregnant for some people image

I would advise you all to watch it...

x x x x x x


  • thank you so much for posting this,, i have been trying to find it everywhere|! xx
  • Sorry about the multiple post girls...its like I was trying to be *overly* helpful! image

    I have no idea what happened...oh well...I guess I got my point across :lol:

    x x x
  • I have never seen this before. Very very interesting and OMG I have never felt so sorry for sperm before :lol:
  • I know...poor little buggers!!! :lol:
  • Just watched!!Brilliant! x x
  • Ooh I watched this when it was on tv last year, its really good! Almost feel sorry for them!
  • i watched this the last time i think it is a absolute miracle that we ever get court very good though.x
  • I loved the bit about "goumet sex!" x
  • Thanks so much for this post Curls - Just sat and watched it and was really interesting, it is amazing how any of us are here at all!!!

    Gonna try and get me some gourmet sex tonight now!!:lol:
  • i watched this a couple of weeks ago and its amazing! keep pestering hubby to watch it. it really is beyond me how anyone gets pregnant - we're really not designed well as a species are we?! the bit about the strippers was really interesting - i can't believe their tips doubled when they were ovulating!
    our babymaking plan of a ction for this month has been to have "gourmet" sex after watching this - so we'll see in a couple of weeks if it worked! xxx
  • Made hubby watch this the other night, it's such an interesting watch xx
  • yeah, we watched on saturday - it was good if a little deflating, now wondering how on earth it's ever gonna happen!!
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