Can someone pick me off the floor...

I just got a BFP!!! Ive not been around much this month as Ive been busy staring a new job and decorating!!

Im cd32 2day, was going 2 wait longer 2 test but couldnt resist!! Theres no way I thought we had done it this month as we had only bd twice and hadnt really spoken about it!! Im in total shock!! Im nervous about ectopic again but lets just hope everything is ok!! xxxx


  • oh my god - thats amazing! and u only BDd twice! do you mean around OV time or just over the month?
    If over the month that gives me so much hope as i'm OVing now and hubby went away yday so hoping his swimmers will hold on for a bit LOL (sorry total hijack of thread!)

    CONGRATS lol

  • image image Wigzy thats great!! Wishing you H&H pregnancy xx

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  • Thanks Mrs PP84!!! I honestly cant believe it!! I dont use OPK's or anything so it was pure luck!! I was definately more relaxed about it this month!! If ur hubby only went y'day then the little swimmers should stay around for about 4-5 days!! Good luck hun!! xxxx
  • Thanks DM!!! I think we will be due around the same time!! What time do u go 4 more bloods?? xxxx
  • huge congratulations!!! cant believe how many BFP there have been this month!! xxxx
  • Thanks annajumaizie!! I noticed from the other thread there had been 28 already!!! WOW!! xx
  • Wow, congratulations pet!!

    I've only been a member of this site for less than a week and I can't believe how many BFP's I've read about already! Hope me and the hubby get a bit of this baby dust!

  • congratulations xxxx

    Wishing you h+h 9 m onths too Wigsy....

    You see people, don't BD much and your body panics!

    Also the decorating... did you get a sudden urge to do it? That's how I was with my first before I knew I was pregnant and with second it kicked in later... hoping to finish house this time! Bit drastic I know, having a baby to get house done but you know...
  • Mrs Robertson, thanks!! Fingers crossed u get that BFP soon!! xx

    Thanks Grudie, how r u? xx

    Congrats 2 u Seraphina!! Wishing u a h&h 9 months!! I thought all the decorating was a bit wierd!! Lol!! xx
  • Congrats Wigzy, wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months!

    You give me hope, we've only bd'd 3 times this month and I thought I was out but you never know....
  • My EDD is July 11th what's yours?

    Your so sweet for asking about me - am going this afternoon to EPU but midwife on phone said as my bloods from Friday were so high they're going to scan to check everythings in the right place and only do bloods if they can't see anything.
  • Thanks meem!! It just shows that u dont have 2 bd all the time!!! I hope this is your month!! xx
  • congrats again my love ;\) delighted for you both.

    KJxxxx image
  • Congratulations!! xx
  • Congrats Wigzy! See you in "due in July" (when i build up the courage to go over there)!

  • Well done huni, its been so lovely to see so many ladies getting their bfps this month, especially the ones that have been here for a while! Good luck, dont forget to keep in touch. xxxx
  • Congrats hun!!!

    Think Seraphina is right we only bd twice and got bfp too.

  • Congratulations hun xx
  • Congratulations!! xx
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