PMA going free !!!!

To a good home!!. After crying at woomummy's post this morning I am suddenly full to bursting with PMA!! Definately on for a.i. tomorrow afternoon and have such a good feeling that its going to be third time lucky(although not due to ov till weekend so its an outside chance this month). Good luck to everyone else - lets get plenty of may bfps!!!!
Helen xxx


  • Whooohooooo!!!!! I'll have some PMA if its on offer, need a bit of a top up
  • Yup, me too please!

    Feeling not to bad myself really, but could always do with a top up!!!

    Hjanea - aren't you going on holiday this weekend? That'll take your mind off the 2ww a bit!!


  • hey
    i could do with some pma. having a really tough week and have lost all pma. month 3 ttc since mmc and I just feel like i'm never going to gt pg agen.
  • ME ME ME - can I have some please? I think I have a kidney infection so am feeling v sorry for myself. xx
  • hiya yeah im in need im on month 6 now so feeling pretty poo, but am on holiday next week and its my dh bday so got something to take my mind of things babyB hope you feel better soon luc86 it will happen hun chin up xxx
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