Argh I have wasted this month!


there is no real reason for this post other than too vent, myself and OH are ttc, although not had a proper go at it yet if that makes sense, started in Feb and had no luck then OH became ill and once he was better we decided to wait till now to try again as to try and not disrupt my uni too much, and tbh i just feel we have have completed wasted the opportunity. Only had UPSI 3 times, one of which doesn't even count (long story and you can prob guess why lol ) and now OH is at work and he works away so thats June out the window! Im already being alot more relaxed about it than i was at the start of the year but at the same time im so mad at myself - arrrggghhh!! xxxxx


  • awww dont be mad sweetie, when u get ur bfp u will soon forget all this and it wont be important, just try look forward and plan what u gonna change when he is about instead? rather than focusing on what u cant change, i felt like this when af came this month, well what if we bd'd this day, and if i wasnt to tired this day etc etc. dont beat urself about about it image chin up xxxxxxx
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