Quick question about getting expert advice?

HI girls, I was wondering, you know that "they" say you should go to your doctor when you've been trying a year? I am a bit confused, cos if I wait that long, I'll have had 14 cycles by then - some have been fairly short. So......... do you think a doctor would see me after 12 cycles, rather than 12 months?

I know the reason for waiting is to let your cycles settle down post-contraception, but you'd think after 12 cycles they would have?

I know I'm just being impatient, but it's just really getting me down that we're so far along the road, and I thought I'd have my BFP for Christmas (Boxing Day AF saw the end of that dream!).


  • I'm sure after 12 cycles they would at least give you a consultation, I don't want to be rude but what age are you hun? If you are under 30 then they will see you after 6 months from what I remember reading somewhere.
    Best thing to do is make an appointment and insist they help xx
  • I am wondering that as well- we have been trying since June but i was off the pill for over a year before that!

    I am going to try and see the doc end of jan if nothing happens....xx
  • I'm 33, and hubby is 35. I'm just worried that they will turn me away as being desperate! And when the 12 months is up, they won't take me seriously!
  • I would make an appointment with your gp hun - I went to see mine and it had been less than 3 months but I've had cycle issues since coming off the pill!! She told me it's probably nothing to worry about so said to wait a while but she told me that if I was still worried in the new year to go back and she'd arrange some blood tests etc. It's worth a visit to the dr to put your mind at rest - they may offer to do tests and find out that all is well which will stop you worrying and may help with the ttc. Good luck xx
  • Make an appointment hun and stand your ground, they may try and tell you to give it another few months but don't give in, insist they run tests (if that's what you want)Good luck xx
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