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Hi girls.

I thought I would start our new lucky thread. I'm not very creative so if anyone has any suggestions for a better title, I'm happy to change it.

V xx

lots of baby dust to all x x

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  • oooohhh just posted on the other thread!!! might go and copy and paste it!!!

    lol new thread is fine Vicsy!!!
  • *****copied from other thread*******
    Smiley came today!!! Does anyone else get pains when they ov? everytime I ov I get serious pain on each side! wondered if it was normal or cos I'm getting the old ovaries working lol am soon to be 36 so feel really old now!

    Kernow this is CD22 for me I usually ov on CD18 so this cycle will be 36 instead of 31 days when I first started ttc I didn't use OPK's and I was 5 days late one cycle butt getting BFN's so I guess my body does this every few months for some reason!

    Tilty: I know what you mean the ladies on here are lovely and it really helps as i don't know aboutyou but I couldn't say half what I say on here to OH!

    Vicksy: looking forward to the new thread andlots of BFP's!!!

    LadyT: you are brave wearing flipflops! lol I have a jumper on tracky bottoms and the heating on!! I think summer was about two weeks ago and now its ended lol

    I also wonder where sarahbear is and hope if she is reaing any posts she is ok and am sendings ((hugs)) her way xxx

    Baby dust to all xxx
  • Jennifuree: i think it is called mittle smerze. it just means u get pain wen ur egg is released! nothing to worry bout it a good thing cuz u will know wen its comming!!! xjen
  • I like the new title Vicsy - lets hope it bring us all luck this month!

    Jennifuree - since I've come off the pill I've had ovulation pains for about 3 days every month. In fact I think mine are worse than period pains - I'm hoping that means we are both in good working order!

    I'm having an especially light period at the moment - do you think this is something to be worried about? They have been particularly light since I came off the pill and not sure what to make of it. They seem to be normal for about a day and then peeter off to very little for a few days.

  • LadyT
    I came off the pill last May and mine have been like that since then. I asked my doctor about it and she said there's nothing to worry about and that I obviously have light periods. I have noticed that my last two have been a bit heavier but still only last for a couple of days.
    Hope that helps. x
  • Thanks Kelly - that's really helpful. Welcome BTW to our thread!!
  • Thanks Lady T - sorry to gatecrash!! x
  • Thanks Lady T - sorry to gatecrash!! x
  • LadyT I agree these pains are worse than AF pains! am glad its not just me!! Also my periods have been much lighter... a couple of days of heavy then nothing more over a couple of more days although last one was a lot heavier and a lot longer dunno ifs that a good thing or a bad thing!

    Welcome Kelly image
  • yey I found the new thread!

    Hope everyone is feeling ok today

  • Hi all,

    Vicsy, thanks very much for setting up the new thread (and the name is great!)

    Kernow, thanks for posting the stats about time taken to get pg on the old thread. I also read something similar: about 25% of lucky people get pg in the first month and about 60% are pg by 6 months. As a few of us are heading towards the 6 month mark now hopefully there will be a few more BFPs before long!

    Jennifuree, I'm glad you got your smiley! I haven't noticed ov pains yet (well, I got a few twinges last month but wasn't 100% sure they were ov related and they were very mild). I kind of wish I got them though as it would be handy to know when the ov was actually happening!

    I'm CD7 today and expecting to get a smiley any time between CD13 and CD15. I guess I'll be quite fertile from a few days before this, so the actual BD-ing that could result in a baby should begin from this weekend. Hurry up the weekend!
  • Hey ladies,

    how are you all today?

    I'm ok, I'm a little worried at the moment as have had no cramps since the day and day after I got my BFP and no other symptoms apart from huge boob's that really are sore. I keep reading cramping is normal and I'm worrying I haven't got it. God every day at the moment I'm panicing something will go wrong! I also have a massive bloated belly which is resembling a bump (though clearly it's not as far too early) so think people are starting to guess at work but at least I can see what I'll look like when I do get my bump (fingers crossed!).

    Yay for your smiley jenifurree, enjoy your next couple of nights bding (wink wink)

    Tilty not long for you until your in your 2 week wait!

    Hope everyone else is ok!

  • Hey gang
    Susiee - I agree with everything you said...it is absolutely lovely to have people to share things with and have really appreciated the last few months of being in contact with you all. Long may it continue! It would be lovely if we all got our BFPs this month - fingers crossed.

    Kernow, you must stop worrying about having no symptoms...you are probably one of the lucky ones that sail through pregnancy without any of the horrible side effects. Rubbish about the bloating though, looks like the old smock tops will have to come out early!!

    Happy BDing Jenifuree and Tilty - we'll all be here for your 2WW symptom spotting.

  • Hiya girls!

    How are we all today??

    Am not over confident we cracked it this month as we in so much pain from oving that we only did it the once on the day before.... if we have it would be a great surprise but am mentally writing this month off so that I don't get upset!

    Babydust to all xx
  • Once might be enough - you never know (erm,actually you'll know in about 2 weeks!!). Good luck Jennifuree.

    I'm debating over whether I should buy an ov kit this month or go au natural again. I wonder if they put too much pressure people. The pain tells me when I'm ovulating so perhaps no need. Ah well, got a week or so before I have to worry about that.

    How's everyone else? Kernow, any symptoms developed yet??

    BTW just entered the win ??5000 of vouchers from M&S for a nursery which is advertised on the front page...might be worth a punt if you've not entered!

  • Hi all

    How is everyone doing?

    Jennifuree, congrats on your smiley remember it only takes once at the right time petal, you just need to try and keep up the PMA. When is AF due?

    I'm sorry to be the one who asks this (although I always am - he he). Where are we all at?

    LadyT, my periods are soo so light, they only last 2-3 days, I asked doc and he said it's nothing to worry about. I get ov pains too, well niggles mainly on my left but sometimes on the right too.

    Tilty, I agree with you about the weekend, it'll be here before you know it. It's always nicer having the weekend to relax around things isn't it? A little bit of rest and relaxation is so nice, hope your weekend is fab.

    Susiee, I'm going to have a look for that book, I love anything that relates to diets, he he. I'm so glad you didn't mind me calling you petal, some people don't like it but I just kind of do it without thinking.

    Kernow, please try and relax hun, my older sister had no symptoms other than couldn't stand coffee. When do you see your midwife again? Are you still doing hpt's? (just something I noticed on some forums), I'd probably be taking them just to make sure I didn't make a mistake he he.

    I agree with you all about this being a bit of a lifesaver. It's such a relief knowing that after a horrible day at work, I can come home and just chat about anything and have everyone's support. Just knowing someone is there makes so much difference. Although I can talk to OH about anything, I think he would think I was mad if I tried to talk about some of our girly chats - he ehe.

    Well, I'm still having a nightmare at work about my job, boss doens't see the issue really (even though I'll lose ??600 a month), going to try and not think about it until I know whats what. I've booked a spa day at Maften Hall in Northumberland and I'm having lots of lovely treatments (courtesy of bil christmas present) Can't wait. Oh and we bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor so I'm just waiting for it to tell me when is the right time. OH said he is happy to do some bd when necessary (iykwim) lol but we have agreed to make sure that we still get the quality bd too thats not on tap lol (sorry tmi)

    Welcome to the new girls, welcome to the mad house. You'll have to tell us a little more about you.

    Lots of babydust to all.

    V xxx

  • Hey all,

    jenifurree - as the others have said it only takes once!

    LadyT - good luck on the competition!

    Vicsy - I might have missed what's happening with your job? Is everything Ok? Exciting news about your digital monitor - from reading various threads lots of people get lucky first time using those! And your spa day sounds fab! I'm very jealous!

    In answer to your questions still no symptoms apart from sore bb's and ever increasing boobs! and am still poas every few days (Ican't help myself!!!) Only on cheapie ones from ebay, it's quite nice though cos the test line comes up before the control line now! I have only 1 left though and hubby says I'm not to spend anymore on them so will have to wean myself of them!!

    I'm in the middle of remortgage hell at the moment. Our fixed rate finishes this month and want another fixed one so we have some certainty when I'm on maternity leave (I'm the main earner) and bit worried about the economy too but it's such a palava!

    Hope everyone is doing ok, and jenifurree you must be in the start of your 2 week wait now! Let the symptom spotting begin!

  • Hi Kernow,

    The problem with my job is I've been on an honorarium for 4 years 2 months and it was supposed to be sorted out umpteen times, latest error is Personnel didnt forward report to central personnel in January (had it from Sept) and now we're going through re-structures because I'm in a Local Authority and now my job is apparently the same as others but mine is graded higher even though mine is a wider remit. So because personnel have mucked up I'm not in a really odd situation, even though I was doing job before these other people even started but it;s just going round and round and round. It's just been a catalogue of errors and hubby packed in a really good job to be an apprentice because it was supposed to have been sorted 2 years ago and I am also the main earner, so I know exactly what you mean.

    Sorry for rambling, I just feel so stressed and am worried about what will happen when I get my BFP.

    V xx
  • Hey all
    Vicsy I'm sorry you're still having trouble with your job it sounds like a nightmare for you. Can't believe your boss thinks a ??600 pay cut is acceptable...what planet are they on?? I'm sure it will work out in the end though so hang in there and don't let it stress you too much. I'm sure once you get that BFP that all the stress will be replaced with excitment.

    Kernow - hope you manage to get your mortgage sorted. House stuff is so stressful but better to get a good rate while you've got a full time salary.

    My OH is really stressed with work at the moment but I'm hoping his mood will pick up in time for ov. I'm trying not to put too much pressure on him or be too selfish...but a little one will be such a good thing to look forward to that it might take his mind of his crappy job.

    Ordered a digital ov kit today off amazone - only ??15, so bit of a saving from the Boots price. Can't believe Amazon sell all this stuff!!

    Anyone doing anything nice this weekend? I have no plans other than working on my wardrobe (shopping I mean not DIY) and trying to put my essay to bed (yes, I'm still plodding on with it!).
  • BTW Vicsy - I'm on CD6 today
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