1DPO - now what?!

After thinking I had OVed about 2 weeks ago - I got a positive on a OPK stick yesterday (was faint on Saturday and really dark yesterday) So am I correct in saying I am now 1DPO?

So how long do I have to wait till AF is due and when is the earliest I can test for PG? Also what tests do you recommend? I got some free POAS ones with my BBT thermometer but I'm not sure if they'll be any good??!

Also what is the timeline for SS? What can/should I expect to see or feel now?



  • Yeah that would be you at 1 DPO now so then it should be on average 14 days until your period/test (i hope AF doesnt show and its a test though!)

    What is SS? Also what are the POAS ones?

    Last month when i thougth my AF would be due on Christmas Day i didnt want to find out if we were successful or not on Christmas so i tested the day before with First response ones as they were recommended to me.

  • When you get your positive OPK you will ovulate within 36 hours, so I think most people count 2 days after your positive as 1DPO. It's entirely up to you though obviously!

    You can't really get symptoms until implantation has occured, so between 7DPO and 12DPO, I didn't get any until I was about 4 days late for AF!

    I got my BFP at 11DPO and I think some ladies have even got theirs earlier, but at the same time some people don't get theirs until 16+DPO!

    Best of luck to you and I hope it happens nice and quickly for you!!

    Kat x
  • Thanks for your replies ladies. POAS ones are 'pee on a stick' and SS is symptom spotting, gonna be like a mad woman doing that next week.

    I'm not expecting to get a BFP this month as it's our first month, but it would be soo amazing if it did happen
  • I'm confused!! Did you OV 2 weeks ago? Because you can get a positive on an OPK when you have a BFP???
  • I thought I did, but my temps have been all over the place so pretty sure I didn't. And if I did then I'm defo not PG as they dropped a couple of times in the last week too. Think it was just wishful thinking x
  • First of all my love DO NOT symptom spot, i am assuming this is your first time at this properly (sorry if i am wrong) but you cant spend your whole 2 weeks SS or you will drive yourself insane hun. Give it about 14days until testing or until AF is due. Try not to think about it otherwise it will drag. I know people cant help SS etc but in your 2ww you cant focus on just that and waiting to see if you are PG otherwise IF AF arrives you will be heartbroken. Sorry to be a bit of a kill joy but i dont want you to get all giddy and then realise what a b*tch TTC really is.

    Good Luck with your next 2 weeks though xxx
  • Hi Tink, thanks for the caution but honestly I'm not really expecting to fall PG this month, me and hubby are just kind of having fun with it for the first couple of months to see what happens. I'm just enjoying the ride at the moment!! x
  • I totally agree with Tink- im 11 dpo and symptom spotting can drive me insane esp as im sure i invent them lol. my af is due Thurs and do not intend to test until Fri if it stays away xxx
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