Stay away from lavender!!

I keep meaning to post this but keep forgetting!

As you've probably read from my posts i've had 3 mcs. After my 3rd we had to go and have tests done etc and then had an appt with a specialist.

She told us both to stay away from lavender and tea tree products as they have a link to infertility. I've tried to google it to find out why but i can't really find anything (although it was a while ago, maybe there's is something online about it now)

So basically don't use anything with lavender or tea tree in, and your partner too.

Everyone i've told has looked at me as if i'm stupid but i was told by a fertility specialist so it must be true.

Not sure why it's not a well known thing so spread the word!!


  • Looked it up and found this!! Thanks for the tip, I would never have known! xx
  • Really!!!!? That's interesting - I love having my lavender wheat bag thingy with me when I'm freezing! Good bit of advice - off to google it now!x
  • oooh wisher, i was bought one of those last xmas, never used it before because i know it's evil secret! But decided last week when i was freezing and so convinced i wasn't pregnant and it didn't matter about a bit of lavender because i wasn't going to get pregnant within the next 6 months with oh being away anyway, that i may as well try it. Couldn't stand the smell though, i'm not the biggest fan of lavender anyway but it didn't even smell like that, it was repulsive! (or maybe an early pregnancy sign..?)

    So hide it somewhere in a cupboard quick!!
  • Thanks for the advice lady or I wouldn't have a clue as I love lavender and would use tea tree for healing all the time. Thanks again xx
  • Really? Wow, will keep that in mind, thanks for sharing. x
  • ooo never heard of that before! I have one of them microwave lavender things as well though (thankfully now) haven't used it in a while but I'm sure lots of my creams have tea tree oil!! *runs off to read loads of labels*
  • i read about it in a book when i was pg b4 my mc! there's a whole list of things like dandelion as well and some more, i'd dig the book out but it stashed with all our scan pics etc so too many raw memories. hubby bought we some wheat bag slipper things for crimbo but they smell of lavender. my first though was that i won't be using them after OV each month! Didn't know about the tee tree one though! oohhh another is ur supposed to not have too much vit A !!! xx
  • Yeah i've heard about vit A too.

    Also, you may know this, but once you're pregnant (not sure if it's whilst ttc too) you're not meant to take cod liver oil.
  • Wow, thanks for sharing that. I honestly use both of those things all the time! How terrible, i never knew that.
    Thank you so much for that.
  • I'm glad i've been of help!

    I actually can't believe Dr's don't make it more known.
    I tell everyone i can, even if they don't believe me!
  • How strange!! My hubby loves Lavender - everything we buy is lavender.
    I guess that explains it lol!!
  • Is it the 'raw' ingredients or just when they're in the form of essential oils? Essential oils you have to be really careful with, the only ones that are ok in very small amounts are citrussy ones like neroli and bergamot. Clary Sage is one to avoid at all costs (unless you're due maybe) because it can bring on labour. I'm off to check the original source website to see what their advice is on their products, we always use their stuff and have even got a lavender and tea tree bubble bath lol!
  • thanks for the link will check that out for sure, im not so fussed about the Lavander but the tea tree is a bit of a bummer as i get very spotty now im off the pill image
  • I did not know about either of those being so bad! And I have got lavender body lotion!! Yikes! Best put that at the back of the cupboard and buy a less dangerous flavour!
  • That's really good to know - thanks!

    I use pure tea tree oil when I get cold sores, and now that I'm pregnant I suspect I'll get plenty of cold sores so I'm really pleased you told me!!

    K x
  • My shampoo is tea tree :O
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