Do you think OV is on it's way?

Hi Ladies,

I'm on CD17 of a 'who knows how long' cycle and it's my first one since stopping the pill at the end of Sept 09. The last couple of days I've been having tummy cramps and a dull pain on and off around my right ovary area. I've also been feeling more tired than usual.

I have been using OPKs since CD7 but as yet no positive.

I have lots of CM, but not yet EWCM. Does it sound like OV is on it's way to you ladies?

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  • It does sound like this to me but I'm still getting used to all this myself. I've been monitoring my OPK's for a while too and I've never have a proper positive yet either .

  • Thanks VWGirl. I only get a control line on my OPKs, never got a test line up yet, but maybe I'll get my first positive soon. What time of day do you test? And, do you test once or twice? x
  • yeah def sounds like it hu, you might ov in the next few days but saying that i had pains and cm for a weekf before i ov'
  • Thanks Angel100 - I'll get BD'ing then! Good luck for your BFP soon xx
  • I test once about 10.30 then again around 16.00.... I know I have ov'd this months from pains and different CM but still not got the positive test line on the OPK.

  • thanx hun, hope ov comes soon and you dont have long to wait for your bfp.xx
  • Thanks, maybe I'll start trying testing twice to see if it makes any difference. Wonder why the test line doesn't show positive for us? x
  • Thanks Angel100 - it's horrid not knowing what my body is up to, especially on this first cycle since stopping the pill. It's like a guessing game! Lets hope OV for me and and a subsequent BFP show soon for us both. Lets keep in touch, xx
  • I think its when your body doesnt give a very strong surge off, the OPKs find it hard to pick up the results...... Think thats right but dont hold me to it : )

  • Hi ladies,
    I've just started using opk's this week and found this site really helpful. Q 12 explains why it's actually possible to miss ov using opk's:
  • Thanks MrsFozz - that looks useful. How are you getting on with your OPKs? x
  • Thanks MrsFozz - that looks useful. How are you getting on with your OPKs? x
  • SO far - nothing! I'm not expecting to ovulate until next week really but as it's my first month trying to pinpoint ovulation I didn't want to miss it. I've bought the CBD ones so I'm waiting on a smiley face - heard a few people on here saying that their 2nd line never went darker so I wanted to save any guessing. A tad expensive though!
  • Mmm, yes they are. I started testing with them and couldn't keep up the expense, so got some IC's but am also looking out for other signs of OV. Good luck to you x

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