ovulation symptoms - opinions and experiences please!! xx

Hi ladies,

You may have seen some of my other posts but just to summarise I came off pill in Jan and am currently on cd64. I've had tests done at dr's and all normal so just one fo those things. the tests did show I hadn't ovulated yet (tests were done about 9 days ago).

Anyway today and yesterday I've been really really tired, had some minor headaches, back aches and have been a right irritable stroppy cow. Over the past 2 months I've convinced myself of various symptoms but all obviously imagined or withdrawal symptoms from pill but am wondering if this could finally be ovulation?

So just wondering what experiences people get when they ovulate (aside from CM, cervix position and temp) and whether people might think this could be ovulation (Ihave no OPK's to check)

Any experiences gratefully accepted!!!

Kernow xx

Ps did a bit of bding just in case!!


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