2ww is killing me........

Hi everyone, only 2nd month ttc and this 2ww is sooooo hard. I'm not having any symptoms as such but symptom spotting like crazy. Constantly proding my boobs, hehe. I'm 7DPO and it's just going so slowly.


  • Tell me about it. Half way through and glad it's nearly the weekend. I struggle most with the wait while I'm at work...

    Will you test soon or wait for af?? x
  • Hi Wispa
    I'm 7DPO too and its killing me too!!! AF is due next friday and it seems soooooooo long away at the moment!! I can't actually think about anything else!!! HELP!! xx
  • oh i am with you there its going sooo slowly!!

    i am only 5/6DPO due to test in a week! cant wait alhough i am sure it will be before x

    good luck x
  • *gives everyone a virtual slap* now stoppit you lot...lol!! x
  • Hey everyone

    I so know how you all feel. I'm on 7dpo, and I'm also driving myself mad!! I did a test this morning, but was bfn (I've been told that i tested too early though)
    This month i am having some symptoms such as sicky feeling, headaches, dizziness, cramps and tender enlarged boobs. But this could all be down to my Af arriving and having IBS?
    Ohhh this waiting game is horrible!!
  • hi girls, 7 dpo too and its going sooo slowly!!
    I had really bad cramps yest and this morning. Think its a bit early for af cramps so hopeful but after 9 months i am a bit low on pma!)
  • Hi evryone! *waves*

    Thanks for commenting, nice to know others are suffering too and i'm not alone. It's just the not knowing isn't it?!

    Samsa, keep up the PMA, this could be the month, hope so!

    Lianne, your not out yet cos today was very early to test, wait a coupe of days and try again with a SD test or first response

    Vass, reckon i will cave and test on sat morn which will be 9DPO. What about you?

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