Oh my god. I know tmi but i can't believe how much cm i have this month. Due to ov on Friday.
I am really praying yet again this will be my month.
I am really not coping very well at all with all the bfn, 7 months since m/c thought it might have happened by now.
It only took us two months the first time and i concieved non identical twins. (unfortunatlly m/c) now i feel like a failure as i can not even manage to concieve one


  • Hey hun, EPO has worked wonders on my cm as well! Keeping fingers crossed for you for this month xx
  • Hello ladies,

    How long have you both been taking EPO for?

    I've started taking it this month, but haven't found much difference - am I being too impatient and does it need a couple of cycles to get into your system properly?

    And am I right in thinking you need to stop taking it after ovulation?



  • Hi MrsBammy, I started last month with a standard dose EPO which didn't seem to make much of a difference but this cycle started taking one 1000mg capsule twice a day from CD1 till ov and have definitely seen an improvement. Apparently it can cause your uterus to contract which is why you should avoid it after ov xx
  • Ah!!!

    That's where I am going wrong!!!

    I've been taking 1000mg EPO this month, but only 1 a day. From now I need to stop taking it, so if I don't get my BFP this month, then I'll take 2 a day from next month!

    Thanks emmsy4!!!



  • SNAP emmsy4. I started last month with 1000mg with no change.
    So this month i also took 2000mg a day (huge huge difference)
  • Great - that's the plan then!!!

    (Well, hopefully I won't need to, as I am hopeful for my BFP this month... well we can hope!)



  • Fingers crossed we all get our epo bfp's
  • hiya i started this cycle too and its really increased my ewcm, but i brought 500mg not realising so im taking 4 or 5 not the best as they are huge , oh well the things us women have to do ha fingers crossed for all xxx
  • I know they look like frigin horse tablets.
  • it makes me feel so sick that and then the all the other vitamins yuk well hopefully we wont have to do it for much longer eh x
  • yeah, I've turned into a human maraca - shake me and I rattle! x
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