hi i have just been reading about these on the site, and i am considering getting one. to anyone who already has one, are they worthwhile?

i have seen they are quite expensive but with the amount i spend on sticks its not really i suppose.


  • Hi hun, you still have to buy sticks with cbfm. They're about a tenner for 20 on ebay.

    I used mine for the 1st time this cycle and didn't get a peak but apparently it can take a cycle to get used to your body?!

    So i haven't really got an opinion either way yet but i've heard very good reviews from other ladies!
  • Hi
    G/C from baby to say they are fab, we tried for just over a year and nothing , was referred to fertility clinic when i found out i was pregnant in aug 08, sadly mmc in oct 08, ttc more or less straight away again but nothing so OH bought one for me to start after the new year 09 and we fell straight away on first cycle, now have a beautiful DD whos now 9 months old.

    So for me it gets the thumbs up

    Christine xx
  • Hi, I've just got one, haven't used it yet as af is due Tuesday. I got if off Huni from here. It is worth having a look on ebay or amazon, or even access diagnostic.com. Will see how I get on!
  • I used the standard digital sticks and they worked will for me showing two clear days a month.

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