difficult to maintain PMA anyone??

Hello ladies, just wanted to post how difficult im finding it to keep a PMA about TTC. Every month i stare down at the BFN test and just want to cry my eyes out. I know its silly but every month i convice myself we've done it and get all excited. Im due around 10th july so am halfway through my 2WW and am trying to keep my fingers crossed, im feeling different this month for some reason. But i dont know if this is just me trying to convince myself that after 5 months wer preg. Anyone else feel this way????x


  • Know how you feel. Just wish I had a little window so I could see wots going on in there!! Am now on CD10 of 22 day cycle so think I should have ov'd round about now, but just don't know if I have. Had NO ewcm, and tried usin ov kits but hav'nt had dark line only 1 a bit fainter then the control line. Although have had AF type pains for 2 days. It's driving me nuts, no sooner do I think I am at my most fertile AF goes and shows up again. I am trying really hard to focus on other things such as impending holidays and kids sports days etc, but its always on my mind. I know we are trying for NO:4 but I want it sooo much and it all seems so much harder this time round. Sorry for the rant & moan. Hope your PMA returns soon. Sending you lots of good wishes and baby dust. xxx

  • my PMA has just hit rock bottom. I dont know y but iv just cried my eyes out. me and hubby have just had a little disagreement but that wouldnt usually make me cry. i am tired though. i have felt nackered the past two days. i feel im the only one ttc this baby or atleast as excited about it. i try and tall oh whats making me cry but cant come up with anything tht makes him understand. i said im frustrated coz all i do is think about being pregnant and having the family i desperately want and he just tells me not to think bout it. yes its just that simple isnt it ladies. any of you want to have a word with him? be my guest x
  • Having just recovered from a mc 2 weeks ago I'm so ready to start ttc, OH said he never wanted o then maybe way in the future then he didn't now he's said in 4months(maybe!)
    He even turned around and said that he couldn't get excited about the last one because I've had an eptopic before and therefore he knew there would be problems!!
    Talk about no PMA!!
    Anyway I've just applied to move to a different store to cover maternity so will be asking the girl which chair to sit it (also it's a promotion 2 steps up the chain from where I am AND a 75% payrise!!!)
    So if anyone has any spare PMA or Babydust send it this way.

    Hugs to you all (I'm all out of PMA to share)

  • its just so so hard to keep that PMA up, especially when you hear of all the BFP and lovely stories on here, makes you want it even more x
  • My PMA is also at rock bottom. I had a cry with DH last night about it all. He was lovely and said we're a long way off having to be seriously concerned yet and offered to go to the docs for some tests if i wanted him to. Which was lovely but I said there's no point because i know at the moment the problem is with me not ovulating. I hate my body so much and feel so let down by it.

    I said to him i think i need a new project to take my mind off this a bit and relax. I want to move house (out of the city) but he said we can't really do that til the new year (not too bad though at least it's only 6 months before we can start looking into that image I also thought maybe I should get a new job as this one is getting me down. Again if I had something else positive happening in my life i might be able to relax a bit more about ttc.
    Sorry to have rambled, just needed to get some of this off my chest.
  • My PMA has never been so low, you probably saw my post but found out yesterday i have multiple cysts on both ovaries and waiting for consultant to write to doc to prescribe me some drugs, The waiting seems to be never ending. I WANT A BABY SO MUCH ARGHHHHHHHH. Sorry about that just needed toget it out!! xx
  • Slow, bless you, I really hope you get your BFP! Nothing would make me happier (short of getting my own BFP of course!)
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