Newbie - Soooo excited!!!

Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Cant quite believe I'm actually here! A bit of background, OH and I have been together for just over 7 years, engaged for 6. He has a son from a previous relationship who turns 18 on Sunday (eek!!). Always thought I'd get married before having kids but this morning we were lying in bed chatting and OH came out and just said he wants us to try for a baby! We have just come back from spending 2 weeks with my sister and her beautiful 2 year old daughter and he says it kind of got him thinking about kids and that he misses "all that stuff"! Couldnt believe it - but I'm soo excited I guess I am well and truly ready - anytime in the past when we've talked about it I've been really scared and wanted to wait. So it looks like my last pill (Yasmin) was last night and I took my 1st folic acid tablet about half an hour ago. Any advice would be great - should I be avoiding any foods etc? Also, if any of you have been on Yasmin how long were you off it before your cycles got back to normal? I have been on the pill since I was about 13 due to suspected endometriosis (30 now) and have never had a break from it. I have absolutely no clue what my cycle is like or what it feels like to have a "normal" period - I guess it's gonna be some earning curve!!

Anyways....Sorry for the long post, I'm soo hyper with it all I think my fingers have run away with me!! :lol::lol:


  • Hi Autumn79, welcome! I was on a different pill but assuming it's the same sort of thing you should get your withdrawal bleed in about 4 or 5 days. Because you don't really know your cycle you can do 1 of either of these things:
    1. assume your cycle is the norm 28/29 days and start ttc immediately or
    2. wait for your first "proper" period, for some girls it goes back to normal straight away. others are waiting for months for a period.

    You should cut back on caffeine and the usual alcohol, smoking etc. But the best thing is (try) not to get to obsessed, easier said than done though!! You could also buy some ov tests, they could help you figure out your cycle abit better.

    Good luck hun xx

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  • Hi Huni, thanks for the reply, I actually dont think I have the patience to wait for my 1st "proper" period, This is all I have thought about all day and I just want to get started!!! I know I will have to wait for my withdrawal bleed 1st, but hopefully the next 7 days will whizz by abd we can get down to business lol!! I dont smoke, or drink alcohol or tea and coffee anyway - my one vice is a total addiction to diet coke - is it ok to drink this?
  • Hi Autumn79,

    I don't know anything about Yasmine, but welcome to the site. xx
  • ooo I know how you feel, it's my first month ttc and I'm so impatient already!! You should cut down diet coke as well, it has the same caffeine as normal coke (which I'm also addicted to - would LOVE some right now!) xx
  • ooh bugger - I'm down to my last litre or so, was going to get more tomorrow but maybe not now!! All in a good cause anyway. Hi Mrslolly84, thanks for the welcome. Just wanted to say good luck to all if us who are TTC, off for a soak in the bath now and an early night but I'll be back!! Thanks again for the advice huni
  • Hey,

    Welcome to TTC. Good luck for a speedy BFP x
  • Hi

    I was on Yasmin for 5 years, came off 3 months ago, and been ttc for 2 months now - normal cycle has resumed thank god!
    I decided to wait a month before trying to reduce risk of a mc.
    Good luck! x
  • this is our first month ttc too!! yay!!
    i'm the same as you, can't wait and really impatient which is a nightmare as know it could take a while!

    I was on microgynon for 10 yrs, came off last july, went back in july for 3m as was due af on wedding day, took last one end of sept, wd bleed beg of oct, then 34 days later af. So not sure if i'm going on 34 days really or what for my cycle. got some ov sticks and still showing as a negative (cd17) but if was on 34 day cycle wouldn't be due to ov until about thurs anyway.

    fingers and toes crossed for all of us! xx
  • Welcome to the exciting for you. I was on the pill and conceptive injection for 17 years - fell bac into normal cycles pretty quickly. Been trying now for 16 months. Consultant Thought I had endo and I had a hyscoscopy + laporoscopy in July and now am on month 4 of clomid. if you think you have endo then I would speak to your GP.
    Best of luck x
  • It's so refreshing to read how excited you are! I've only been trying for 5 months (on 6 month) now and I don't feel as excited anymore. I'm sure it will return soon once I ovulate! The only advice I can give is to ignore symptoms as I "felt different" last month but my AF arrived. Good luck! xx
  • Oooooh soooo exciting!!!! Good luck ttc image
  • Thanks again for the replies ladies, cass82, its good to know that your cycle got back to normal so quickly - hope you get your BFP soon. Gerbera - My endo was never formally diagnosed - my sister has it and is not able to have children naturally (my neice is adopted). when my periods started I had horrific cramps, a lot of blood loss and vomiting which is why the Dr thought I could have it. I guess at the time I was too young to give it much thought and so just stayed on the pill and got on with being a teenager! Will see how things go over the next couple of months and the second I show any signs of endo I'll do see the doc for some advice. I'm hoping maybe it was just my body being a bit all over the place and I will have grown out of it. Did something a bit daft tody - went a bought my very 1st pregnancy test - just in case I need it any time soon!! For someone as impatient as me I cant imagine anything worse than deciding to test and not having one in the house! I live in a really small town so theres no way I'd buy one locally - the next nearest shop is a half hour drive away! Please someone tell me I'm not the only one to be this silly!!
  • no you are not daft for buying a pregnancy test, i thought i was pregnant and wanted to test today so had to go out to buy one its aannoying as im not very patient either... good luck hun xx
  • No-way your not being silly!! I have 2 digital tests and 3 cheapie tests waiting in my drawer image ....along with a personalised baby vest and bib :lol: :lol:
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