SMEP and oving later

is there any ladies who know they ov later and doing the smep?? when do you start testing??

i dont usually do the smep but thinking of trying it,i no i ov later from when i used my CBFM and a cycle that varies is there anyone who is like this blooming annoying ggrrrr

think we should bd cd 20 for the 3 days as i used to get peaks from cd 19 onwards,what do you think?


  • I feel your pain! I'm on CD20 and no sign of friggin OV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel like screaming at the moment (or crying whichever comes first) We're following the SMEP plan this month too, just been BD every 2-3 nights until I get a positive OPK and will then be BD every 3 nights - Looking forward to a rest now lol.

    So anyway back to you (sorry got lost in my own problems!) If you used to get your first peak on CD19 I would BD on 19,20,21 and 23.

    Hope it's both our months x
  • im on cd 13 but i never know how long my cycle will be usually in the 30'd somewhere tho

    think i will bd from cd 20 for the 3 days,cant do any blooming harm eh

    cheers for replying x
  • My cycle is stll a bit long as it's still settling down after pill. We tried to do SMEP this month, started BD every other day from CD9, I started using opks CD14 and got peak on CD17. We bd'd on CD17, 18, 19 & 21 and stopped!!

    Am now on the dreaded 1ww, AF due on sunday so we'll soon see it SMEP worked for us this month!!

    Maybe you could start testing around CD14 if you know your cycle if a bit longer, then you can be certain when you ov?

    Good luck!! xxx
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