home now after surgery

thankyou for all of you kind messages, i am ok tierd and sore but apart from that i am fine. the doctor said everything looks normal which was a relief, he has taken some scrapings and i have to go back for the results of them next week. time to rest now and get back on my feet
hope everyone else is ok xxxx

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  • Hi sally881

    I dont know what either of them are or what they are for hun??

    Good luck and hope all goes well, take care and make sure you get plenty of rest afterwards

  • they are investigations to find out why i have had 3 mc. thanx for your message hun,hope u r ok and will nip back on soon xx
  • Hi Sally,

    I wish you all the luck that it goes ok. Is hubby going with you?
    Not sure if im right but is the laparoscopy where they go into your stomach area? not sure about the other one.

    Take care of yourself, i hope they get to bottom of this.

  • So sorry you are going through this hun, hope everything goes well, forgive my ignorance just had never heard of them before.

    Hope you get all the support you need to get through it

  • thanx hun, yea hubby is coming with me, with the laparoscopy then open you up just under your belly button and on your bikini line to put cameras inside and the hysteroscopy is were they put a camera in your vagina.
    i just want some answers now and need to know what is wrong with me so i can move on xx
  • good luck for today hun thinking of you
  • Good luck, Will be thinking of you today.

  • Thinking of you, hope everything is going ok and you get some answers soon xx
  • The very best of luck to you hun ... fingers crossed that all will be well.
  • Hope all goes well!!

  • hey sally!

    All the best! Let us know how you get on

  • Hey hunni am new to all this so don't really know what you are goign through but I hope it all goes well and u get your answers so that u can start moving onwards and upwards!
    very, very best sweety xx
  • Hi there, just wanted to reassure you. I'm an operating theatre sister and I've never seen a patient have an operation without enough anaesthetic. You'll be fine and won't know a thing. Best of luck and I hope you get some answers. x x x
  • Glad it went well. now just rest and hoping for a sticky one for you next time image
  • Thats good hun. I hope that the results of ur test turns out good.
  • thanks everyone, ur all very kind, just wana get back to normal now and move on, hope ttc is going wll for every1 else!
    sending you all lots of babydust***
  • glad it went good hun now you can start trying again when did they say you could hun how many more tests do they need to do now and what are they going to do put you on clomid or try something else i am clomid not started my course yet how long you been trying for? mines 23 months now

    sorry to many questions
  • Hi hun, just wanted to wish u well and tell u I'm thinking of u x x x
  • Hi sally, so glad everything went well and its good that everything is normal. At least thats 1 less thing to worry about.

    Take it easy

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