You know you shouldn't but....

:\?Well, I don't know why I did it - I'm either 5 dpo or 9dpo and yet today went into poundland after having an undescribable urge for a wee and bought some of the cheap tests. Well I did and it was a BFN (no surprise really - don't think I even did it right), but why do we do this when we know what the likely answer is - especially before af is due


  • Hi Taffy, we do it because we cling on to the small chance that it might be a bfp x
  • I think its because this mad compulsion just takes over and we are helpless to resist!
  • same here i dont know why i tested done 1 sat faint pos so got cbd done that 2day and a bfn not due for af till 31st. a bit down now and oh wont be home till 7pm
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